Viktor Orban: NATO’s a Defensive Alliance, Not a War Coalition


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Friday that his country wants to redefine its membership in NATO.

He does not want to be involved in operations outside of the military alliance’s territory.


Orbán emphasized NATO’s role as a defensive alliance and said he doesn’t share the concerns of some other Central and Eastern European countries that Russia’s military wouldn’t cease its aggression if it wins the war in Ukraine.

“Now, a new term has been invented to describe the Hungarian position in NATO; it is called non-participation. We are not a participant now,” Orbán said in an interview with Kossuth Radio, according to a report by Hungarian news portal Telex.

“There is the term opt-out … If we were opt-outs, our participation in NATO’s military structure, our position, would change,” Orbán said.

“There’s no question of NATO getting involved in wars outside its territory, with non-NATO countries,” Orbán added.

Orbán has also said Russia cannot win the war against Ukraine. “If the Russians were strong enough to defeat the Ukrainians in one go, they would have been defeated. But that’s not what we are seeing,” he said.

“How many more weapons will we send? How much more money will we send?” Orbán asked in the interview. “This gives rise to the darkest visions,” he said.

“What is happening today in Brussels and Washington — perhaps more in Brussels than in Washington — is a kind of mood of preparation for a possible direct military conflict; we can safely call it preparation for Europe to go to war,” Orbán warned in the interview.

They keep saying Orban is Putin’s closest ally, suggesting he’s a Putin Puppet, but he has also said he’s a small country and doesn’t want war.

Try to see it from his perspective. He has a population under ten million, and they are close to Russia. They don’t want to be occupied or controlled by anyone.

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