Passenger beats attendant bloody, knocks out 2 teeth [videos]


“Both of them, in my opinion, were wrong and it could have totally been avoided,” said Michelle Manner, who took video the moment the verbal fight turned physical.
New video released Tuesday shows a woman throwing multiple punches at a flight attendant onboard a Southwest plane to San Diego, which resulted in her being escorted off and arrested.

A violent woman beat a flight attendant about the face mercilessly and knocked teeth out on a plane to San Diego.

She bloodied the woman’s eye and another passenger jumped up to save the attendant.

In a statement, Southwest Airlines said the passenger “repeatedly ignored standard inflight instructions” and became “verbally and physically abusive” as Flight 700 from Sacramento landed at San Diego International Airport.

Officers arrested 28-year-old Vyvianna Quinonez on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury, Port of San Diego Harbor Police said. She was booked into Las Colinas Detention Facility.


The flight attendant reportedly suffered facial injuries including the loss of two teeth, according to a union representing Southwest Airlines flight attendants. She was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital, police said.

San Diego resident Michelle Manner, who recorded the video from two rows in front of the altercation, told FOX 40 that the flight attendant provoked the incident.

Even if she did, this is not an appropriate reaction.

“Vyvianna had said to her three times that we could hear ‘get off of me,’ ‘quit touching me,’ ‘get your hands off of me,” Manner said.

Manner said she was not able to record the first confrontation, which she said included the flight attendant telling Quinonez to put on her face mask on after it may have fallen below her nose.

“It was so unnecessary,” Manner said. “In the first altercation, she had said she was going to call the captain. She should have just stayed there in her back cubby.”

The airline said this violence is becoming a trend.


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