Paterson NJ ballots include 3 dead people & out-of-towners


Three dead people seemingly tried to vote in Paterson’s recent elections, and not a one of them listed the two cemeteries located in the city as an address.

Paterson officials rejected 3,274 votes – 20 percent of those submitted – in the all-vote-by-mail elections.

Imagine the chaos if this goes on nationwide with millions.

The report showed one person may have attempted to vote twice, so her ballots were disqualified. Another 21 ballots were submitted for voters who had moved out of the city, so those also were not counted.

As multiple law enforcement agencies probe possible irregularities in the use of mail-in votes in Paterson, candidates, and activists repeatedly have asserted that election fraud took place, allegations fueled by the discovery of what officials say were hundreds of improperly bundled ballots at mailboxes in the city and neighboring Haledon.

The report released on Friday by the Passaic County Board of Elections makes no mention of any ballots being rejected because of the bundling or possible fraud.

They mostly rejected those with signatures that didn’t match.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

The stage is being set…they can gather and (sic) protest(?) but cannot go to a voting booth…Hillary is insinuating that Trump will NOT LEAVE after he loses (due to the mail in fraud they are in the process of perpetrating)…reminds me of when she and Barry, on MSM, ordered ISIS to leave Mosul ( and often wonder how many realized at the time that it was their, ISIS’s, marching orders to reinforce Aleppo whose “rebel” complement increased fourfold within 2 days…) and those who refused to obey orders and leave the capital of their “caliphate” and go to Aleppo were literally obliterated soon after – Trump better watch out…Incidentally have noticed that my pointing out to conservative patriotic voters that they should make it their duty to vote in person, by paper ballot, to short circuit this attempted fraud, is somehow “reprehensible”, to many media claiming to be “of the right”…