Pathetic! Mets GM apologizes for blasting MLB commish for protest idea on hot mic


Mets and Marlins players walked off the field in protest after a 42-second moment of silence

This worshipping of the Marxist Black Lives Matter is way out of control. It’s affecting every sport, even tennis. We all have to honor the leftist viewpoint.

New York Mets general manager Brodie Van Wagenen apologized Thursday night. He was sorry he was caught on video criticizing MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Manfred’s plan was to play the team’s scheduled game despite player protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Van Wagenen was caught on a hot mic on a video feed ahead of the Mets’ scheduled game against the Miami Marlins. In the video, the general manager suggested that Manfred had asked Mets owner Jeff Wilpon to hold a social justice demonstration prior to the first pitch, but play the game because a postponement would create scheduling issues during MLB’s coronavirus-shortened season.

As it happens, it was probably Wilpon’s idea.

They should have played the game.

This is pathetic.


Here they are honoring the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization and a criminal, armed with a knife, who was wounded as he resisted arrest:

The symbolism is supposed to just melt your heart:

I’m sick of this leftist propaganda. Yes, black lives do matter, especially the poor people dying in blue cities.

The NBA, WNBA, and NHL postponed all of their games on Thursday night. Several MLB games were expected to take place as scheduled.

They’re virtue signalers pandering to the left. This whole thing is phony and little more than propaganda.

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