Radical! Biden will spend $6 trillion to put all power in DC and in Dems


Biden walked in with a mask on for no sane reason whatsoever.

We stared into the abyss

Platitudinous and boring Joe started by calling the January 6th riot the worst thing to happen to us since the Civil War. He said it was an “existential crisis.” The riot amounted to foolish people running around with flags, no weapons, and furry hats. They are exploiting the riot and making it something it isn’t.

He said ‘we the people are we the government.’ YIKES!

Biden talked about creating jobs, jobs, jobs but Trump already did that. Now Biden’s going to create jobs by making taxpayers pay for jobs the Left wants.

Biden will take our guns and claims the assault weapons ban was successful. No, it wasn’t – LIE! He claims no amendment is absolute and he’s starting with destroying our 2nd.

“Can’t yell fire in a crowded theater” is not a policy and it’s not in the Constitution. It’s a throw away phrase. Yet, Biden uses it to take our guns.

The imbecilic president loves open borders. Joe actually said the solution to illegal immigration is amnesty.

Everything will be free, free, free, free.

The government will educate your pre-schoolers for free and pay for college. In other words, they will raise your children.

He is completely disconnected from mathematics and absurdly wants to cure the ills in Central America, ills that existed for hundreds of years.

Biden plagiarized Donald Trump several times, especially when he said we should buy American as he sells us out to China with the Paris Accord and killing manufacturing and our energy sector.

The bridges and roads Biden talked about is only 7% of the first 2 trillion dollar plan.

Biden will cure cancer. Why didn’t he do it over the past fifty years?

He doesn’t give a hoot about education:

This is a $6 trillion package! Don’t worry, the rich will pay for it all according to Joe’s math!

This will destroy the U.S. dollar. Our inflation is up to 7% in only a couple of months. That’s terrifying We re talking double digit inflation.

Sen. Cruz and Holly slept during Joe’s radical speech:

Tim Scott’s a relief, especially compared to the Biden jackboot government vision:


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2 years ago

If Traitor Joe continues spending money the Federal Government will end up without a 16th Amendment and a Balanced Budget Amendment replacing it.