Paul Manafort Wardrobe Trial Enters Its Third Day with a Salty Judge


The trial of the century is underway and Paul Manafort will easily be convicted of buying some expensive clothes, including a $15,000 ostrich jacket.

This trial would be viewed less skeptically by many if Hillary was probed for all the many crimes she appears to have committed. Manafort bought expensive jackets and she facilitated the sale of a uranium mine and military technology to Russia.

The prosecution did get into some of the evidence against Manafort early Thursday.

$15,000 ostrich coat

CNN, once. reputable news outlet, saw fit to create segment after segment making fun of his expensive jackets.

Judge Ellis was unimpressed.

“We don’t convict people because they have a lot of money,” Ellis said. The Democrats, now Socialists, do, however.

Judge Ellis is funny and has a wicked sense of humor as Politico reported. He’s admonishing both sides, not only Mueller’s.


If you think the spending on jackets is bad, and we don’t, listen up. He spent thousands of dollars on a karaoke system, $2.2 million on a TV and home network, other home automation services, more than $450,000 on landscaping, and, if that isn’t bad enough, the landscaping included an “M” in red and white flowers.

Oh, God, hang the guy. He’s obviously guilty of capitalism.

Early this morning, the prosecutors submitted a new filing to prove to the judge that how much money Manafort spent is relevant and not prejudicial. You can read that on this link. The filing basically states that cases of tax and bank fraud consider how much the defendant spent.

Obviously, the judge thinks they are overdoing it for effect. The judge doesn’t have a problem with them discussing the numbers and where the money came from obviously, but  it’s the recitation of what Manafort bought that’s the issue. It shouldn’t be the issue.


The government says Manafort was using money from overseas accounts [from Cyprus] to pay for his luxuries and didn’t pay taxes on the money. His bookkeeper, who worked with him for years, never knew about his offshore accounts.

Just reading the comments from the media makes it clear that reporters are prejudiced by the way the prosecutors are presenting the goods Manafort bought. The left-wing ‘reporters’ are calling his spending ‘pathological’. Some are claiming he was making up for a small part of his anatomy. North Korea could bomb Guam and they would only take a quick break to cover it. All they care about is sensationalism.

Manafort might well have violated tax and bank laws but the 305 years in prison that he is facing seems excessive. That’s especially true since it usually draws a sentence of less than a year-and-a-half.

Rick Gates

The prosecution said today that they “have every intention of calling Rick Gates” as a witness. He is the key witness who knows where the bodies are buried. He allegedly buried a few himself.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor said they might not call him. Judge Ellis warned the Mueller team Thursday they cannot prove a key part of their case — conspiracy — unless prosecutors call Manafort’s former business partner to the stand.

The prosecution doesn’t agree with the judge on the conspiracy issue but will call Gates to testify.

If Manafort is guilty, he needs to be punished but not for the clothes he bought and not for 305 years.

Judge Napolitano doubled down Thursday on his claim that Manafort was cleared eight years ago of the same crimes by Rod Rosenstein. The judge said the first witness for the defense should be Rod Rosenstein.


The problem is Manafort’s alleged crimes are said to date to 2014 and 2015, not just eight years ago.

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