PBS kiddie cartoon discusses police brutality and racism


Alas, Elwood City, Arthur the aardvark’s hometown, has a racism and police brutality problem, Newsbusters reported.

During a recent episode of PBS Kids’ favorite Arthur, two of the show’s central characters discuss seeing a video of police killing a black person and discuss their feelings of anger and confusion over it.

They have embraced the violent, Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter. The US taxpayer actually gives PBS money to put this garbage on air.

They produced a three-minute clip of Arthur chiding our “racist” country on August 4.

During the clip, Arthur the aardvark and his best friend, Buster the rabbit, discuss the horrors of police brutality, racism, and the scariness of it all. It makes their blood boil.

Why are woodland creatures for kiddies talking about racism and so-called police brutality?

We must talk about racism all the time, no matter how old you are, even if it makes you hate your country and police. These leftists are OBSESSED. Goebbels never dreamed of what Democrats now can do.


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