NYC mayor suggests government take over [seize] Con Ed


New York City’s communist Mayor Bill de Blasio says maybe it’s time for the government — him — to take over Con Ed. Can you see this bumbling incompetent or anyone he would choose running Con Ed? To say nothing of the fact that Municipal energy utilities have been failures — take LIPA.

He was out of town trying to become the presidential candidate during the last blackout. Perhaps that is one reason he is so vocal with his blame game this time.

There was a blackout in Brooklyn Sunday and he wants a full investigation. In other words, he doesn’t have a clue as to what the problem was, other than a storm that knocked down trees and branches.


De Blasio said he was “extremely disappointed” with Con Ed, echoing recent remarks by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and saying the city still didn’t have adequate answers about what caused a power outage in midtown Manhattan last week.

“I can’t trust them at this point because I’m not getting any real answers and they have let New Yorkers down again,” de Blasio said. “There needs to be a full investigation into what happened not only last Saturday, but what happened last night.”

“It’s very clear we have to question whether Con Ed as a structure now can do the job going forward or whether we need to do an entirely different approach,” de Blasio continued.

De Blasio raised the possibility of a public takeover of the utility without fully committing to the idea, insisting that an independent investigation must take place first.

And who will do the investigation? Will it be neutral parties? Will Con Ed get to present a case? If the past is prologue, the answer to both of those questions is NOOOOO.

He has suggested taking over buildings since he was angry with the landlords. He wanted to take over businesses and buildings over COVID. And now it’s the storm. Any excuse will do to turn over the means of production to incompetent centralized government.

“Con Ed is very haughty about this — they don’t give real answers and don’t feel they have to,” de Blasio said. “So I think it begs the question as to whether a private company should continue to provide a service if they are not accountable to the public.”

The statutory actions would be fairly easy since the socialist Democrats have full control of New York.


Gov. Andrew Cuomo has also been threatening the revocation of Con Ed’s franchise — something he has said in the past.

“This is a franchise that is not granted by God,” Cuomo said during a Monday appearance on WAMC. “It’s granted by the people of the city. And you can change a utility company if they don’t perform.”

“It’s not easy, but we do a lot of things that aren’t easy,” Cuomo said. “And legally it’s totally possible.”

Cuomo is a far-left incompetent as well and he does love centralized government.

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