Cuomo doesn’t need a nursing home probe after all, really?


Does anyone remember the Moreland Commission to clean up corruption in New York which was initiated by Governor Andrew Cuomo? The commission nabbed people close to Cuomo and he then shut it down. Now he is shutting down the investigation of nursing homes during COV.

Is he afraid they will admonish him? He’s a serial killer of the elderly in some peoples’ estimation. He put elderly people with COVID-19 in nursing homes, even if they weren’t in a nursing home. COV is most dangerous to the elderly and he had to know that at the time.

His policy resulted in the seeding of these nursing homes and many deaths from it. He could have put them on the nearly-empty hospital ship or in the nearly empty Javitts Center, but he wouldn’t do it.

Cuomo will not release the actual death toll of these victims.

Watch this:

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