Does PC Thinking Allow Some Human Sacrifice to Terrorist “gods”?


One more Islamic extremist, terrorist sponsored atrocity draws another predictable chorus of carefully worded, muted responses from an overwhelming number of politically correct “leaders” and talking heads. Not even this heinous, pre-meditated wonton slaughter targeting pre-teen, and teenage girls in Manchester fails to move these “experts” off their standard post attack talking points.

It leaves us with a simple question. What level of catastrophic butchery would cause these people to overcome this combination of PC driven fear and dreadfully, deadly misguided thinking? For how long, will clear eyed, courageous people put up with their “representatives” reacting to the massacre of innocents with with words of dispirited acceptance?

Europe just has “to get used to it.” Terrorism, “will be a fact of daily life in the coming years.”, and the “new norm”. Insulated, utterly clueless “celebrities” call for “peace, love, and open borders”. Following the Charlie Hebdo massacre, our U.S. Secretary of State’s offering of James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend” to France was typically impotent, producing the standard outcome.   Ten months after Taylor’s serenade, jihadists unleashed a exponentially larger assault in Paris, using guns and bombs to kill 130 and wound 368. Eight months later the enemy changed tactics, employing a huge truck to murder 86 and injure 434. The latter took place on Bastille Day, a national holiday in France since 1880.

Still, horrified citizens of civilized nations watch as virtually all the collective heads of state speak and act as if they’re afraid of offending an Islamic terrorist sect whose stated mission is to kill or maim those whom these same heads of state are duty-bound to protect. Those pols behave as if remaining inoffensive and less directly confrontational to a barbaric invader will reduce the mortal threat.

That inexcusably passive attitude, coupled with the of slaying thousands of defenseless men, women, and children could almost begin to take on the look of some ancient, pagan ritual. Many centuries ago certain cultures, in an effort to placate or find favor with angry “gods” would practice their own particular form of human sacrifice. The Carthaginians, Etruscans, Celts, Mesopotamians, Aztecs, Egyptian, and Incas were just some of the civilizations active in barbarically offering up helpless victims as a tribute to some powerful, frightening deity over which they felt no real control.

Given the latest jihadi bloodletting, aimed at mostly children, an Incas’ analogy may be instructive. They offered kids as a way to prevent frequent natural calamities. These youth were well cared for, and enjoyed a good diet. A feast, which may have even included music and dancing along the lines of a 21th Century, Ariana Grande concert, was given in their honor. The assumption was, physically healthy youngsters made the purest sacrifices. Their murder gave the Incas the best chance to prevent disastrous volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods.

The savage practice didn’t stop natural disasters any more than the preventable butchery of victims performed by the other groups cited above, ridded them of their special demons.

But before we get too smug, historians note cultures thought by scholars to be “highly civilized, affluent and advanced, considered human sacrifice a normal part of life.”

Hopefully chroniclers will look back on us in much the same way; minus the whole normalization of human sacrifice thing. To remove any possibility of that stain we need to keep appeasement oriented, PC group-thinkers from creating the circumstances that allow helpless innocents to be sacrificed at the altar of those truly evil, real life, jihadi “gods”.


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