Obama Repeatedly Violated Americans’ 4th Amendment Rights Using Intel Agencies


The NSA collected spy data and the FBI shared that data on American citizens with private parties, ignoring Fourth Amendment protections. The information was easily found by investigative reporters Sarah Carter and John Goldman of Circa News.

Circa.com has produced two reports detailing the flagrant violations of Americans’ 4th Amendments over the course of years during the Obama reign. The Obama administration used the NSA to collect information of Americans. They then used the FBI to share the information with outside parties.

Have you seen this bombshell story in the mainstream media?

The government does not have the right to throw out our constitutional rights and protections. Safety cannot usurp our rights. The government has avenues they can use such as the FISA court.

The FISA court is in place to grant search warrants to intelligence agencies who feel the need to spy on foreign entities that involve U.S. citizens.

Obama’s NSA ignored the FISA court, its own regulations, and the Fourth Amendment to spy on Americans.

Circa News was able to unveil two formerly secret documents exposing Obama’s perfidy. It is one of the most serious constitutional abuses by U.S. intelligence in our time.

One out of every 20 searches violated safeguards that Obama and his intel chiefs swore to uphold in 2011. This was according to one of the internal reports.

The Obama administration disclosed the activities to FISA two weeks before Trump was elected. The court reacted with deep concerns and harsh rebukes. The court explained that the “institutional lack of candor” and improper searches constituted a “very serious Fourth Amendment issue”.

All of those excuses by Susan Rice about “incidental collection” of American’s data and the subsequent unmasking are in question as a result.

Circa followed up and demonstrated with one document that the FBI shared that raw intelligence about American citizens with unauthorized third parties.

Comey was deceptive

Comey appears to have lied to lawmakers when he said the FBI used espionage data  gathered about Americans without a warrant only when it was “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”  Comey swore to this!

Circa reviewed the now declassified memos. They cited instances of “disregard” for rules, inadequate training and “deficient” oversight. There was even one case of deliberately sharing spy data with a forbidden party.

The FISA court ruling details hundreds of violations of the FBI’s privacy rules under Comey that was not “lawfully collected, carefully overseen and checked.”

The FBI even admitted to the FISA court that their violation “ranged from illegally sharing raw intelligence with unauthorized third parties to accessing intercepted attorney-client privileged communications without proper oversight the bureau promised was in place years ago.”

The FISA court and the Justice Department Inspector General’s (IG) office are very concerned.

The IG has been concerned since 2012 that the FBI was submitting ‘deficient’ reports indicating it had a clean record complying with spy data gathered on Americans without a warrant.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. This is the FBI that wanted all of Apple’s secrets for no good reason. Their reasons were lies.

Even after the administration was caught, under Obama, the agencies continued to violate Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections.

Where is Congress? While they are investigating Russia-Trump conspiracies backed up by not a shred of evidence, Congress should try to find out if some of the contents collected unconstitutionally were from the Trump campaign and/or transition.


Read the document for yourself.

2016 Cert FISC Memo Opin Order Apr 2017 (4) by Sinclair Broadcast Group on Scribd

Since this was posted, we have been told the NSC moved Susan Rice and others’ unmasking documents to the Obama library. They have been removed from FOIA for five years.

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Franz Dorn
Franz Dorn
6 years ago

Sara, great Work!

You may have already answered these questions please bear with me. The Fisa court memorandum opinion was signed by the FiSA judge was on April 26, 2017, Thirteen days before Comey was fired by President Trump. You are reporting this on May 26, 2017 seventeen days after the firing. Do you know who the Court distributed this opinion to. I am assuming Sessions as AG and maybe Rothenstein. Was it distributed to Trump or Priebus as chief of staff or anyone else in the “government”?

I am looking for a reason why Comey had to be fired precipitously, and for a non obstruction reason.
This FISA Court Orders the “Government” to conduct an investigation into the FBI’s other possible surveillance violations. The word investigation is actually used to reference what The court orders,and other very draconian oversight.on the FBI especially order items 7 and 10 at the end of the opinion. Reading btwn lines the Order almost implies that Comey should be fired “yesterday” as the first remedial measure.

Do you know if the proverbial excrement that must have been generated by the FISA opinion hit the fan before Comey’s firing. The FISA order was not given as an reason for firing by Rothenstein in his recommendation. Why? Rothenstein is clearly a witness and/ or Sessions in his concurrence without mentioning the FISA order. Did Sessions not read the FISA opinion because of his over caution with his recusal ,or not communicate with Trump out of over-caution fearing Dem allegations of improper coordination w.Trump?

Trump seems to have been furious that Comey did not clear up his misleading testimony and for not clearing the record that That he was was not under investigation. Trump does not mention the Fisa order in his letter firing Comey
Was Trump briefed about the FISA opinion before the firing. Perhaps he was but could give FISA opinion as a reason for firing, because of its top secret status. I s this what Trump was alluding to when he told Lester Holt that Trump said that Comey was fired for not was doing his job.The FISA order proves that! Trump may have known that Comey already had been “under investigation” by a FiSa court for some time because the government was already having to do a pile of work because of misue of the raw intelligence data. Comey may have already been persona non grata already by everyone in the government

Irony talking point for you and Hannity: At the time of Comey’s firing the FBI (and Comey) was the subject of the FISA court’s ordered investigation while Trump was not. The investigation officially began on April 26, 2017. In a sense the FBI was being watched by the FISA at least since 2014 and possibly since 2011 during Muller’s term. Is Mueller a witness? Even If MUeller was “clean”, Wouldn’t Mueller be a “comparison witness” or a background witness?. Secculo needs to put Mueller on his witness list.

The FISA opinion confirms that the FBI was dysfunctional at the time of Comey’s firing, corroborating Trump’s description. Also, That kind of described dysfuction, lack of communication, and coordination, and training is a sympom of low morale within an organization

I am also concerned about Comey’s behavior that he demanded the Justice Department to clear him of doing legal surveillance in early March. The Justice Department would not clear him and there was drama all day. Does the Lady protest to much? Why wouldn’t the Justice Department clear him?. Is this why Comey would not clear TRump?

Trump’s Tweet does not admit to the existence of the “tapes” let alone who did the “taping”. We know from Comey’s testimony that 6 of those communications were phone calls. The unwitting liar- under oath- Clapper has admitted in theory that all phone calls in this country are collected electronically in Meta data form and are sophiscated “tapings”. Trump is not lying under any circumstance.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago
Reply to  Franz Dorn

S Noble,

I have just asked a facebook friend to post your last comment ( and if possible the article above ) on his page…I could post it on mine but I only have 35 friends…he has 470…and I want many people to see it and tell their friends ( or enemies ) about it!

I think many people should see this, I wish tens of thousands or better yet millions of people should read your last comment!

I am shocked that the main stream is hiding this from the public…if anyone is colluding it the democrats and the main stream media!

Everyone should know what Obama has done!

I am fascinated by what I have just read!

S Noble you do great work and important work!

You should be famous for doing what you do which is real journalism and not fake news.

More people way WAY more people should know about The independent sentinel and the great work that is done here.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
6 years ago

It is possible for liberals to get away with illegal acts in great part because the main stream media will not talk about it and will divert attention away, redirect attention on something else.

Obama and Hillary could eat puppies alive, the media would spin it into something benign, but Trump can not even get a second scoop of ice cream without CNN making it the event of the day.

Democrats would not have one tenth the power they have if the main stream media was not working to help them 24/7.

As long as the main stream media is allowed to protect liberals, this will go on.

The enemy of democracy in this day and age is the corrupt media.

The main stream media is the enemy. I have been saying it for over10 years.

6 years ago

So Obama was a ‘balanced’ President. The law only applied to conservatives, and rights only applied to liberals.