Pelosi Delays Vote Cov-19 Bill – No Vote Today


According to reporter Chad Pergram, Speaker Pelosi is delaying the vote on the Cov-19 bill at least one more day after both sides reached an agreement. She is doing what she accused Mitch McConnell of doing last week.

She said she is reviewing the Senate Stimulus bill with staff and the chairmen. Pelosi said, according to Pergram, that she is optimistic but will have to see. There is no decision about timing until they review the bill.

The House will not pass the coronavirus bill today, and probably not Wednesday. They already gaveled in, gaveled out of the pro-forma session. Senior sources say House won’t meet again later today.

Pelosi said that, while the compromise does not go as far as our ‘Take Responsibility for Workers and Families Act,’ thanks to the unity and insistence of Senate and House Democrats, the bill has moved a great deal closer to America’s workers.

This bipartisan legislation takes us a long way down the road in meeting the needs of the American people, Pelosi said.

If you checked out her original bill, you might be terrified at the thought of how much might still remain in this new bill. The second bill is also over a thousand pages and kept the wording of the digital money in it, although the Democrats said that would come out.

We don’t know if that is the bill they are reviewing, but people are saying the far-left provisions are gone.

According to some people who reviewed the bill, it does not include any of the insane leftist provisions she presented. It is allegedly nearly identical to the bill Pelosi and Schumer blocked Sunday night. Democrats are just playing games to hurt the President.



  1. “We the People…”; have some VILE CRETINS to deal with, NOW, & CERTAINLY in the FUTURE!!! (Proverbs 2: 1 – 7 is VERY APPROPRIATE at this time in History…

    Those of us who KNOW our Lord & Savior, PERSONALLY, must SEEK His HOLY SPIRIT’S GUIDANCE & TRUTH, so that she might shew us ‘things to come’!! (Jn.16:13)

    ONLY GENUINE seeking of the Lord’s help will bring our Nation to REPENTANCE, & NEW LIFE! (NOTE Psm. 34: 17)!!!

  2. “She said she is reviewing the Senate Stimulus bill with staff and the chairmen”……….Nancy, pass the damn bill so you can find out whats in it!!!!!!! you did with obamacare you POS!!!!

  3. Let her wallow in the cloud of cluelessness. Even true believers are starting to notice what an America hater she is.
    Trump will not sign the porkulus bill with the squad’s wish list enclosed.
    They really do believe that we are that asleep at the wheel when a great revealing and waking up is taking place.

  4. One point that has been missing in the discussion is the logistics of accomplishing the disbursement of these funds. The bureaucracy isn’t designed to handle this level of complexity. It’s not just the mere funds that are designated, but the massive organizational requirements. Those funds require “criteria” that have to be met. Therein the logistics come into play. For anyone to believe the recipients will receive funds in a few weeks will be sorely disappointed. It will take quite some time.

  5. So now we KNOW why the Democrats have been fighting so hard in delaying the bill. They put language in there that NO business associated with the President or his family can gain any benefit with loans or other benefits. So if you work at a property that anyone in the Trump sphere owns you are just out of luck. I hope the backlash after this entire year is SO great it puts the Democrats, throughout the country, in the position of a Very Small Minority. You can’t get much more petty than this.

  6. Donald Trump would like to thank Nancy Pelosi for helping him get reelected. Does she understand that the people suffering and dying are in the Blue Democratic districts???

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