Pelosi has ‘arrows in her quiver’ to stop President from filling RBG’s seat


Will Nancy Pelosi impeach the President or Attorney General Bill Barr to keep the GOP from appointing a Chief Justice? Insane, you say? Well, it is what George Stephanopoulos asked Speaker Pelosi today.

As crazy as the question is, the answer Ms. Pelosi gave is to accept it as normal. She said she has secret arrows in her quiver.

What will she do? Set off a nuclear bomb?

I’m a little worried, can Nancy get access to the nuclear codes?


Just think, if they impeach Trump and Pence, she could be your president.

No arrows are coming out of her quiver just yet but her elevator doesn’t reach the top floor:

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William Michaud
William Michaud
2 years ago

Save the Country . Do not vote Democrat

Dr. Frank
2 years ago

And if O’connel has the votes, welcome to a new Conservative Court Jurist!

2 years ago

We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution…”

She must have been quivering when she swore at the oath.

2 years ago

Where’s that shepherd’s crook coming on from the side when we need it, to snag her around the neck and pull her off camera?

2 years ago

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