Pelosi okays overturning an election for a candidate who wins by 6 votes


Evil Nancy Pelosi says it’s okay to overturn an election if the opponent only won by six votes. She sets her own rules whenever she wants since she doesn’t believe in rules, the rule of law, or losing. The House Speaker now says it’s okay to steal an election if the opponent only won by six votes.

Iowa Republican candidate Marianette Miller-Meeks won by only six votes. This is a flip. A retiring Democrat held the seat.

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R) was declared the winner of Iowa’s second congressional district over Democratic challenger Rita Hart last November by just six votes — 196,964 to 196,958.

The Iowa City Press-Citizen reported she won by 6 votes despite a recount in Clinton County. The vote was certified, making Miller-Meeks the official winner.

Now, the Pelosi House is trying to unseat the Republican winner and did so with a change or rules. They made the rules retroactive.

There are 20 votes in contention and they are illegitimate, period. Pelosi is a very evil person.


These are the votes Democrats want to be counted:
  • Two were rejected because the absentee voters died before their ballots were counted on Election Day
  • Two envelopes were not sealed. Both were replaced with new ballots, but only one of those was returned
  • One ballot was rejected because the person was not an active, registered voter
  • Two ballots were rejected because the voters had moved out of state
  • Four were rejected because they either did not have a postmark or were received after a state deadline of noon on Nov. 9
  • Three were rejected because the voter did not sign the affidavit envelope before mailing back their absentee ballot
  • Six were provisional ballots that were rejected because the person voted in the wrong precinct or could not provide proof of their identity
  • Three envelopes were rejected because they contained no ballot inside, and are still considered a rejected ballot event though there is no ballot that can be counted

House Administration Committee ranking member Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) warned the development might result in a “dangerous precedent.”

“I can’t think of a worst first step this committee could take in a new Congress than to waste taxpayer dollars by moving forward with overturning this election,” he said, Politico reported.

Hart’s campaign revealed in early December that she intended to bypass Iowa courts instead of the Democrat-controlled House.  Hart complained that  there were “limitations in Iowa law.”

The Hart campaign’s decision earned scorn from Miller-Meeks’ campaign and even Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R).

“Rita Hart has chosen a political process controlled by Nancy Pelosi over a legal process controlled by Iowa judges. All Iowans should be outraged by this decision,” the Miller-Meeks campaign said, the Des Moines Register reported.

Reynolds similarly reacted, “By heading straight to a Democratic-controlled Congress, Hart is attempting to undermine the voice of Iowans.”

Democrats want to corrupt the process even more than they have.

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2 years ago

Stealing an election or overturning one if a Republican is elected is OK with Democrats. This is all about power – TOTAL POWER!

Vegetable Tray and Red Pepper Humus
Vegetable Tray and Red Pepper Humus
2 years ago

Now you know who really pulls the CPUSA strings as if we didn’t already.
She will wipe out the republic once and for all and get away laughing with a pot of gold like the villain that she is.
Her cackle will be legendary as she shouts out WTF are you gonna do about it, neener, neener.