Chinese Communist Party wants to run a global vaccine passport program – no joke


The CCP, Maoists, are urging The WHO to let them run the global vaccine system. Can you think of a worse choice for a terrible idea? Bill Gates will love it. Nothing like letting a violent totalitarian government run a global vaccine passport system.

The Communist Party launched its domestic “vaccine passport” system Wednesday. They did it despite The WHO urging them not to since many nations aren’t up to speed.

Why do we need it at all?

The “vaccine passport” is a digital certification that confirms a person has received a coronavirus vaccination. It has been incorporated into China’s larger “social credit system.” The system judges every citizen and awards them numerical “scores” based on how much the Party approves of their behavior.

The behavior judged can vary from littering and volunteering, which result in respectively lower or higher social credit scores, to the display of public opinions either in favor or against the Communist Party.

What could go wrong?

The CCP is using their WeChat program to control it.

The CCP uses an encrypted QR code that allows authorities to obtain a traveler’s health information, state media agency Xinhua reported on Monday.

“QR health codes” on WeChat and other Chinese smartphone apps are already required to gain entry to domestic transport and many public spaces in China.

The apps track a user’s location and produce a “green” code – synonymous with good health – if a user has not been in close contact with a confirmed case or has not traveled to a virus hotspot.

We already know that the CCP is monitoring Americans and collecting data through TicToc. They have evil motives. The CCP wants to control the world.

American fools like Chris Stirewalt think the CCP is “pretty cool over there.” Leftist fools like him have no regard for freedom:



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