Pelosi pushes court stacking since she doesn’t like the last 3 Justices


Speaker Pelosi doesn’t like the last three judges selected for the US Supreme Court so she believes Democrats must expand the Court.

“Okay, well first thing on the Court, we have not increased the number of judges on the Supreme Court since Lincoln’s day, when it became nine. So, there is a discussion that could be had about should we expand that,” Pelosi told students at Cambridge University on Monday. Adding, “The only thing is, when you talk about it, everybody says you’re being political, you’re only doing it because you don’t like the justices who are there. The second part of that is true but … it’s not about politics.”

Obviously, it is only about politics.

“Mount Olympus, … we don’t have to know anything about them, and they make decisions that affect our lives. In many ways, whether it’s climate—they’ll make important climate, environmental decisions—they make decisions in relation to a woman’s right to choose, and make decisions in relating to voting rights—you name any subject. We’re at the mercy of this Court that is on Mount Olympus, accountable to no one—for life,” Pelosi said.

Actually, if anyone is on Mount Olympus it’s Nancy and her fellow tyrants.

The Speaker said Democrats will make a decision about expanding the Court after the Biden panel issues their report. She claims to be concerned about the issue of justice.

The commission is partisan left. The goal of the commission is to study and meet the complaints from the progressive communist left. They will also study things like investigating their finances and term-limiting them.

Democrats plan to do it. They just don’t want it to look political.

“So, there are some things that are worthy of conversation and, to that end, President Biden established a commission to study that. It’s not something that you just walk in and say, I heard at a rally we should pursue the Court so let’s just do that, but no let’s study what the ramifications are and how you do it in a way that is not interpreted as … a political decision, but a decision of justice,” said Pelosi. Adding, “So, there’s just an injustice … but I don’t think you’ll see any move to increase the Court until the President’s commission makes its report.”

Their ideas will make the Court political and subject to manipulation by the legislative branch. They will have a lot of control over the Court. It will cease to be an independent branch of government.

Miles Davis, President, and Founder of The Article III Project foung this was alarming. It will subject the Court to partisan politics.

“This is an alarming announcement from President Biden that should be met with the harshest of denunciations from both sides of the aisle. Packing the Supreme Court would destroy centuries of hard work from Democrat- and Republican-appointed justices to insulate the high court from partisan politics. It also raises serious red flags as to what unconstitutional actions President Biden is planning that a more favorable Supreme Court might tolerate.

“Just this week, Justice Breyer joined the late Justice Ginsburg in rejecting court-packing. This isn’t a right versus left issue.

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2 years ago

Let’s just pass a Constitutional Amendment fixing the number at nine!

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This pompous evil woman and her ilk will be the ruin of this nation.

Live Free or GTFO
Live Free or GTFO
2 years ago

Well who the F’ made her the arbiter of SCOTUS?
They are just as worthless as congress now and will sit there with a thumb up the ass as irrelevance sets in?
Sorry about their luck.