The Lancet now promotes open, objective, transparent debate on the origins of the Wuhan Virus


On March 7, 2020, so-called renowned scientists put their reputations on the line and signed on to a letter published to that renowned publication, The Lancet, condemning misinformation suggesting the Wuhan virus originated in the lab in Wuhan, China. The entire time, the theory that it could have originated in a bioweapons lab in Wuhan was very viable. It’s especially true since several renowned scientists knew about the lab’s gain of function research with bats tied to coronaviruses.

We now know that the NIH and NIAID was and are funding the research.

The letter read in part:

The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. Scientists from multiple countries have published and analysed genomes of the causative agent, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), and they overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife, as have so many other emerging pathogens.

This is further supported by a letter from the presidents of the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and by the scientific communities they represent.

Oh, those conspiracy theories:

Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice that jeopardise our global collaboration in the fight against this virus. We support the call from the Director-General of WHO to promote scientific evidence and unity over misinformation and conjecture.

They stood with the CCP:

We want you, the science and health professionals of China, to know that we stand with you in your fight against this virus.

We invite others to join us in supporting the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of Wuhan and across China. Stand with our colleagues on the frontline!

Oh, how the CCP must have mocked the US behind our backs.


That was followed by Facebook, Twitter, and other Soviet-like social media sites, as well as mainstream media banning all references to the possibility that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab. Democrat leaders railed against anyone who dared say it was even a remote possibility.

Their behavior was immoral if not illegal.


The Lancet has had a complete change of heart. They posted an article by several experts, appealing for an objective, open, and transparent scientific debate about the origin of SARS-CoV-2.

The authors of the article want you to know that “the jury is still out.” It could still have come from an animal, they say. Unfortunately for them, there is no evidence that is the case. It’s only a theory, but there is evidence it originated in a CCP lab.

The authors mention the possibility and the real likelihood of a natural origin, more than once, without any evidence. The problem for them is the stars in our eyes are gone and we see the truth. The natural origin theory is highly unlikely.

After the Chinese people became infected, the communist leadership allowed them to travel throughout the world but not within China. The CCP released it on the world deliberately.

Isn’t it rather late for this newfound objective approach? The Lancet helped destroy the trust people had in them and the medical institution. They had a lot of help of course from Dr. Peter Daszak of Eco-Health Alliance who orchestrated the statement. Then there was Dr. Collins of NIH and Dr. Fauci of NIAID who continued the deceit.

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