Pelosi talks forever impeachment & Moscow Mitch


Nancy Pelosi gleefully and vindictively announced that President Trump will always be impeached. While smirking, she said the stain would remain forever.  The Speaker also suggested Mitch McConnell could be a Russian asset.


Soon, the President will no longer be under active impeachment, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants it known that being done with impeachment doesn’t take away the stain.

“He will be impeached forever,” Pelosi told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week” Sunday.

Pelosi is also holding open the possibility of additional subpoenas in the House, which could even lead to more articles of impeachment. The Senate process will matter, Pelosi explained.

“He will be accountable to the American people,” Pelosi said of McConnell.

Democrats are still fishing around for a crime. That is why they want witnesses. They have no idea what the witnesses will say. The witnesses have never been interviewed. They even declined the House subpoenas. How is it a fair trial to demand they come to a Senate trial?

The Democrats want to make sure the President can’t say he’s vindicated, and they’re desperate.

She does look like she’s having a ball impeaching him, doesn’t she? Make no mistake, she’s impeaching anyone who voted for him.



The Russia story is back thanks to Nancy. “All roads lead to Putin,” Nancy announced during the interview with Stephanopoulos. Her evidence is non-existent.

She seems to think Mitch McConnell could also be a Russian asset – she wonders about him.

“All roads lead to Putin and sometimes I wonder about Mitch McConnell, too. What’s he — why is he an accomplice to all of that? He has resisted resources …[for] our critical infrastructure of elections. …. So that’s all of a piece with him,” Nancy said.

The so-called master strategist is a wild woman making spurious claims.

This isn’t the first time she’s done it. When he blocked legislation, she called him Moscow Mitch.




  1. This is why the Republicans Suck Big Time. After Trump is done with his second term he should start a NEW Party with a slogan of against the two corrupt parties. He got quite a lot of votes Because he named Both Parties.

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