Biden 2007 “No great country can say it is secure without being able to control its borders.” 


Biden 2007 “No great country can say it is secure without being able to control its borders.”

Do you remember when it was in his best political interests for Joe Biden to pose as a hard-core, secure the border, kind of guy?

If not, or all you know is the “new”, certainly not improved, open borders version of the 78-year-old pol, here’s a most informative video from August 29, 2007.  For context, this was a time Hunter’s Father was considering a run for president and his Democrat Party was also conveniently posing as militant protectors of our southern boundary.

Biden brags his passion on this issue goes back almost 13 years (1994) when he’d recommended radically “ramping up the number of border security guards we have, the use of electronic surveillance equipment we have….and the number of…..virtual fences….”.

If this video isn’t ironic enough, check out (starting @ the 34-second mark) the Biden shirt being worn by an older gentleman, and compare it to those currently being worn by Haitian “immigrants” currently forming another, border crashing caravan, in Southern Mexico.

Amazing how old school, lying pols, fail to consider archived videos that prove how dangerously shallow and self-centered they truly are.





  1. Long March fellow travelers are like the peaceful religion practitioners, fooling dupes and dullards is OK as any ends justifies the means of burning it all down better.

  2. Yeah well, this BOZO has been talking out both sides of his mouth for fifty years and now he can’t even remember what his generals have advised him on. This bum is not packing the equipment to be POTUS.

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