Pelosi will not stand against tryrants as Iran murders protesters


There isn’t a lot of reporting about the protests in Iran, certainly not the way there was when the media thought they could use it to hurt the President. Pelosi’s reaction was abysmal. She doesn’t support the protesters and backs the Mullahs from all appearances.

Her reaction is typical of the left as Iranians risk their lives in protests.

Democrats will not stand against tyranny. Pelosi will not stand against tyranny.

Yashar Ali and Jake Tapper, to a far lesser degree, have tweeted out information and there are a lot of videos coming out of Iran.

Ali said Iranians are furious that they were lied to for three days. They are calling for prosecutions, adding that Soleimani was a murderer. They are telling the leadership of the Iranian government to resign, saying Trump isn’t the problem.

Ali said the idea that Trump is to blame for something “the IRGC did is absurd.” His comments are interesting about our media and the treatment of the situation as the rioters fail to blame Trump.


Conditions boiled over as Iranians gathered for the second night of protests and prepare for the third night.

Security forces stepped up their patrols as protesters, many of them students, came out in force in Tehran’s landmark Azadi Square and at Shahid Beheshti University, as well as in several regional cities.

The protests are turning violent between protesters and riot police.

Videos posted on social media, which could not immediately be verified by Bloomberg News, showed clashes between protesters and riot police, trails of blood on a main street, chants in opposition to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and calls to rid the country of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Protesters in the videos said arrests had been made and tear gas fired at crowds.


CNN reported:

The United Nations said Friday that it has video evidence appearing to show Iranian security forces “shooting to kill” protesters during Iran’s latest wave of demonstrations.

In a statement on Friday, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said she was alarmed by “the continuing lack of transparency about casualties and the treatment of thousands of detainees” during the recent protests in Iran.

Bachelet said “prompt, independent and impartial investigations” into all possible violations needed to be undertaken, “including the killing of protesters.”

The UN Human Rights Office said it had information suggesting that at least 208 people were killed, including 13 women and 12 children. It said at least 7,000 have reportedly been arrested across the country. The government imposed a nationwide internet shutdown for over a week.

“Verified video footage indicates severe violence was used against protesters, including armed members of security forces shooting from the roof of a justice department building in one city, and from helicopters in another,” Bachelet said.

Her office had received footage appearing to show security forces shooting unarmed demonstrators from behind while they were running away, and shooting others directly in the face and vital organs — “in other words, shooting to kill,” she said.



This Olympic champion defected and made it clear that she had no use for the Ayatollah and the oppressive administration. The silly woman in this country who pretend their oppressed need to pay attention to these protests.

“We also need to make environmental justice really at the heart of our climate plan,” Warren said.

“A central part of the plan for me is I want to put a trillion dollars into cleaning up the places that collectively we have destroyed as a nation and bringing them back,” she said.

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