Pelosi’s “crazy” general is in charge of reviewing the Capitol riot


An ‘insane’ or “wild-eyed partisan,” former general Honoré will review the riot at the Capitol per Nancy Pelosi. He has already made up his mind without any evidence that the Capitol Hill police chief, now fired, and the Sergeant of Arms might be implicated in a plot by insiders. He also claimed 30% to 40% of the Capitol Hill police force are ‘Trumpsters,’ and blamed them for the riot.

None of that is backed up in fact and “is insane,” Tucker Carlson said on his Fox show last night.

General Honoré believes Americans do not have a right to defend themselves – the 2nd Amendment, is dangerous. He is also opposed to Fox News. Apparently, the 1st Amendment isn’t his thing either.

Even though Facebook was the platform that most rioters used to plan their attack on the Capitol, Honoré claimed that Parler was 100% complicit in the riots.

Honoré believes Republican lawmakers like Lauren Boebert, who he calls “a little piece of crap,” should be put on a ‘no-fly’ list over her beliefs. He also wants Elise Stefanik, Josh Hawley, and other Republicans on the list.

“Crazy” Honoré said Elise Stefanik should be treated like a terrorist. All last year, Honoré condoned and backed the violent rioting in our cities. He called the Federal law enforcement officers who were sent to Oregon to protect the federal courthouse a mob who acted like they were serving a dictator. He said they are not real soldiers.

Pelosi isn’t “interested in getting facts,” Josh Hawley said. She’s interested in power and an excuse to get i.


This is what the totalitarian Democrats are doing as they consolidate power. People need to be concerned.

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