Pelosi’s delaying transmitting the articles of impeachment again


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is again delaying in sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. When the trial will start is back in question.

All Pelosi is agreeing to do now is discuss the timing of transmitting the articles with her members at their Tuesday meeting.

She may be a hero to the nutty Squad and the weirdos running some of her committees, but to many Americans, she looks ridiculous.

“We will determine in our meeting when we send them over. But it — we have never — I have always said I would send them over. So there shouldn’t be any mystery to that,” she said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week.”


She suggested that the House could subpoena former White House National Security Adviser John R. Bolton to testify if Senate Republicans don’t have him come forward during their trial, leaving the door open for House Democrats to continue their impeachment crusade.

Some senators are running for President and the delay will interfere with their campaigns. They can’t campaign while a trial is ongoing. The Iowa caucuses are only 22 days only, and this could run into that.

Pelosi has held onto the articles for more than three weeks to bully McConnell to do the trial her way.

They want more witnesses at the Senate trial because they know they haven’t made their case in the house, regardless of what they say publicly

According to a letter Mrs. Pelosi sent Friday to House members, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat, is tasked with preparing a resolution naming impeachment managers to formally send the articles to the Senate. The House is expected to vote on the resolution sometime this week.

That could put the start of the trial later in the week or even next week.

This has gone on since the impeachment vote on December 18th.

She’s very proud of this idiocy.




  1. By all means, take your time Nanny. The senate can go ahead without the blessing from the rectal throne of the high priestess bitch. You don’t want to deliver the articles of impeachment tin a timely manner. Then their will no longer be a valid congressional impeachment. Given the Constitution does not state a time frame from when the congress voted to impeach to deliver the articles of impeachment, it also did not state that the senate can not impose a time frame; Ergo, they can. Therefore; Your time has expired you fossilized frump. In the interest of valuable time and money saved, I hope the Senate tells your wrinkled senile old ass and those of your constipated congressional cronies asses, to: Kiss your combined asses Good Bye. The American taxpayers have put up with your costly incompetence long enough.

  2. She never committed to sending them over, she said she would take steps to begin to do that. We were misinformed by our junk media. She is the town bully, anyone that follows her can see that. But now there is one person in DC challenging her. It’s certainly not Mitch, who delayed USMCA for her stunts, and has blocked reasonable hearings in the senate. He talks of doing the nation’s business, but he has done none. Delaying senate actions for misfit Nancy is just another one of his many concessions and judgement failures.

  3. The Witch of the House will continue to delay forcing the senate to dismiss the impeachment an ddenying POTUS of a spectacular opportunbity to show the country and the world that the impeachment was simply a tactic to discourage him from exposing the corruption of the Commiecrats who stole billions from the Ukraine and more billions from China and others.

  4. Were I McConnell, I’d continue on with whatever is the business at hand and ignore Piglousy and her senile waffling re: so called articles of impeachment and when she will deliver them to the Senate. Just like “Lucy” in the Charlie Brown comic strip, she continues to pull the fake ball from being kicked to the Constitutional process to end the game.
    Trial in the Senate? Nah. House didn’t do its job. The Senate will by exposing the house commies for what hey are, incompetent and corrupt nutjobs.
    Just sayin’.

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