Pence turns the tables on networks who don’t air his virus comments & the President’s


The media industry wants to stop airing President Trump’s briefings since they appear to help his poll numbers. The Trump-hating media calls them rallies. However, the media is not credible with most Americans and only serves as an arm of the Democrat Party.

MSNBC and CNN have stopped airing the comments by the President and Vice President and others during the coronavirus task force press conferences, as have some other networks.

In response, Vice President Pence has turned the tables on them. He decided that no task force members are permitted to appear on CNN unless or until the network begins airing all of the president’s briefings.

CNN reported that Pence will only allow experts, including Dr. Deborah Birx or Dr. Anthony Fauci, to appear on CNN if the network also televises the briefings by the vice president and other task force members.

CNN mostly cuts out on the President and Vice President and does their idea of fact-checking instead, demonizing them. As a result, Americans don’t get to actually hear what these two leaders said and simply get the cherry-picked comments.

CNN said it’s because the briefings are too long. That is true. The last one was over two hours, and Vice President Pence never says much, but it’s more than that. The media wants to destroy the President.

“When you guys cover the briefings with the health officials then you can expect them back on your air,” a spokesperson for the vice president told the network.

Network hacks and social media troublemakers continue to insist networks cut away from President Trump and the Vice President. That likely won’t stop. Far-left groups are pushing the trolls.

The task force stars are constants on CNN, especially Dr. Anthony Fauci. One never knows what he’ll say. He can be the voice of doom. Time to rein him in also.

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