Trump’s approval is at its highest even on a Fox poll


Fox News has the President’s approval rating at 49%. Fox polls historically have his ratings lower than other polls. Even Congress’ approval is up in the Fox poll.

As the virus and media coverage of it cause widespread terror, 49 percent of Americans say they approve of the job Trump is doing as president.  That’s up from 48 percent two weeks ago and 47 percent in late February.

Forty-nine percent of voters disapprove. This is the third time in Fox News polling that fewer than half rate him negatively.

His ratings are likely higher.

Eighty-nine percent of Republicans approve of Trump. His approval sits at or near his best among women, Democrats, whites, and white evangelical Christians.

Voters give Congress a good bump with 35 percent approving of the job lawmakers are doing, up four points since March and up nine since late February.

On responding to the pandemic, 51 percent approve of Trump.  But it’s Dr. Anthony Fauci who gets the best ratings of those tested, as 80 percent approve of him, while 62 percent approve of Dr. Deborah Birx and 52 percent Vice President Pence.

Dr. Fauci has been wrong on most of his recommendations but he’s charming. Dr. Birx goes by inaccurate charts, as does Dr. Fauci. This is all the result of media coverage.

By a 21-point margin, voters are more likely to approve of how their state government (77 percent) is handling the pandemic than the federal government (56 percent).

Frankly, state governments are the ones who should be responsible for handling the pandemic in their states. Every state is different and their needs are different. Big government can’t handle it all, and one size does not fit all.

Trump’s rating on the pandemic is dampened by over half (55 percent) thinking the government responded too slowly and nearly half (47 percent) feeling he isn’t taking it seriously enough.

You can thank the media for that. Every time President Trump tries to cheer up Americans, the media naysayers claim he’s not taking it seriously enough.

President Trump acted on January 31st, the day after the World Health Organization called the Wuhan Virus a Global Health Emergency. Prior to that, WHO was going along with China’s lies, claiming it wasn’t a contagion. When he did declare it an emergency, he was lambasted by the media and their candidate, senile Joe Biden.

Rasmussen has President Trump’s approval at 46% but that can improve once things are up and running again. The President is talking about getting things rolling again.

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