Great News! Hospitalizations in New York are down dramatically


New York saw a sharp drop in the number of people newly admitted to a hospital in the past 24 hours to the lowest level in the coronavirus crisis. Only 200 were taken into a New York hospitals from a peak of 1400 only six days ago, and only 64 were put into ICU.

According to Reuters, it is a sign that social distancing steps are working, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Thursday.

[That isn’t a given scientifically.]

There are only 110 patients between the Javitts Center and the Comfort. The stats were wrong, the screaming over equipment was mostly hysteria, and we need more reliable reports from the hyperactive media.

Cuomo also told a daily briefing that the number of deaths increased to 799 on April 8, up from 779 a day earlier and a record high for a third day. These are people who were already hospitalized.

As we reported, the CDC allows “probable” and “presumed” assumptions of COVIC-19 to be classified as death by COVID-19. That allows significant overestimates of the true numbers of patients who die.

This illness will likely disappear as quickly as it came.

Cuomo’s predictions that every city will become New York are just not going to come true.


The former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Thomas Frieden said that Governor Cuomo acted too late. He could have reduced deaths by up to 80%, he reported.

Tom Frieden, who also previously served as commissioner of the New York City Health Department, tells The New York Times that the Empire State should have closed schools and non-essential businesses two weeks earlier than it did and begun social distancing at the beginning of March.

While Governor Cuomo is not someone we would ever support, this criticism is not any fairer than the attacks on the President. Cuomo didn’t want to destroy the state’s economy, and he made the best decision he could. New York is already in debt and it was a difficult thing to do.

 Could have, should have…there are a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks.

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Robert Howard
Robert Howard
3 years ago

I suspect in the month of May folks are going to see the Surgeon General’s numbers pan out. 98 to 99 percent of those who actually come down with the corona virus in the US will recover. President Trump’s timeline is common sense: business as usual (or as close as we can get to it) by the end of April.

Will suggest that we should avoid made in china like the plague … pun intended.

3 years ago

Well hell. All that work and it is lost.