Pence was right to demand time, Harris got several minutes more


It seemed like Mike Pence spoke more, his responses were more substantive, but it was Kamala Harris who had more time in Wednesday night’s debate. It’s good he insisted he receive time at several points because Ms. Page was off on time.

Vice President Pence brought up Kamala’s record and that was enlightening:

Harris was very unlikeable with her smirks, eye rolls, and arrogance. The extra time didn’t help her.




  1. This is why Republicans (Bush) had to struggle to win against the worst candidates ever.

    Too few people know or understand the 100+ year old discourse on “Social Darwinism”. I’m sure these same people would have voted Against the Anti-Trust Act also. This thinking doesn’t account for the slow devolution into new serfdom. In the 80’s it was Japan that was taking Jobs and guess Who was there speaking against Japan, Trump. The difference, Japan wasn’t winning because of a near slave workforce. Because of even Greater savings for corporations many first moved to Hong Kong and soon to Mainland China, and Trump was there also. Because of such a destitute population China was able to have costs SO low there wasn’t a single American company that could compete. If this situation would have continued for another decade the public, in overwhelming numbers, would have voted in droves for full fledged socialism. There wouldn’t have been a choice otherwise. You can’t take Everything from the public and not expect an uprising from the masses. The only way to quell such uprisings would be a complete socialist agenda. Thus, Trump prevented a socialist America.

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