Pennsylvania can’t reject mail-in ballots with mismatched signatures


The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Friday ruled unanimously to prohibit counties from rejecting mail-in ballots because a signature on the ballot may not match the one on the voter’s registration form.

“We conclude that the Election Code does not authorize or require county election boards to reject absentee or mail-in ballots during the canvassing process based on an analysis of a voter’s signature on the ‘declaration’ contained on the official ballot return envelope for the absentee or mail-in ballot,” the justices wrote in a 30-page decision (pdf).

Don’t disenfranchise voters:

The basis for the suit is that if they are rejected, it will disenfranchise voters. However, a signature mismatch opens the door for lots of abuse. The envelopes are immediately separated from the anonymous ballot, so there is no possible way to go back and check.

“As a result of this case, Pennsylvania voters can cast their vote without fear that their ballot could be rejected solely because an election official—who isn’t trained in handwriting analysis—thinks their signatures don’t match,” said Mark Gaber, a Campaign Legal Center lawyer, in remarks to The Associated Press following the issuance of the guidance.

This is very logical if you want to steal an election. Otherwise, the decision defies logic.

So far, nationally, more than 100 million ballots have been sent to home addresses. They were not requested. So who will receive them?

Also nationally, more than 50 million have voted already. This is as the media hides a Biden family corruption scandal.

The RNC defended the lawsuit:

“The mandatory language of these provisions makes clear that the consequence of a failure to verify a voter’s qualification through signature comparison is the denial of that application and the setting aside of that elector’s voted ballot,” the Trump campaign and the RNC wrote in its filing.

The Justices, a majority are left-wing, disagreed — unanimously:

The Justices wrote, “Consequently, in comparing a declaration against these lists, a county board may determine only whether the name and address information the voter has listed on the ballot envelope matches. There is no signature information in these lists for county election officials to compare against a voter’s signature on his declaration; therefore, pursuant to the plain language of the Election Code, these lists cannot facilitate the signature comparison Intervenors maintain is required.”

Safe and secure:

Having worked the polls, I can say that signature comparison is critical. This lawsuit came from Democrat allies.

Trump won Pennsylvania by a slim margin in 2016.

Democrats are making our elections weak and unreliable, the weakest in the world. We need voter ID, not fake signatures passing muster.

Pennsylvania’s AG Josh Shapiro said, “Pennsylvania’s voter identification system is safe and secure. We are protecting every eligible vote and ensuring each is counted.”


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