Fitton gets Dr Fauci-WHO emails, praising China-on-request


The Daily Caller and Judicial Watch have joined together to get hold of Dr. Fauci’s email exchanges with WHO during the COVID crisis. There are thousands more to be released, but HHS is allegedly slow-walking them and insisting that Dr. Fauci review each one.

They show so far that WHO pushed for a press release, “especially” praising China’s response to the virus. Dr. Fauci, a bureaucrat for nearly fifty years, was very supportive. He is the longtime Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

All the time that Democrats are telling President Trump he must listen to the scientists, he was. The president was condemned for praising China initially, but he did get that idea from his scientists.

On January 27th, WHO asked for a special mention of China handling the virus well regarding preparedness and response. Two days later, Fauci replied, “Looks fine. Please see my comments in attached document. Thanks, Tony.”

In truth, no one knew how prepared or how well China handled anything. We now know they wouldn’t let their people travel within the country. However, they allowed them to travel the world freely.

Politics, trust, and a communist nation

The time period for the request is January 1, 2020, to April 1, 2020. Fauci trusted them without question and collaborated like a bureaucrat, not a scientist. At least that is how the emails look.

Many of the emails consist of missives to large groups of recipients, including Fauci, from Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, which describes itself as “an independent monitoring and accountability body to ensure preparedness for global health crises” convened by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, Judicial Watch reports.

One of the statements Dr. Fauci agreed to on January 30 is this:

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) convened on 27 January 2020 to discuss the current outbreak of 2019-nCoV, which was first detected in Wuhan, China and is now quickly spreading internationally. The Board commends the speed of the response so far by countries and the World Health Organization (WHO), the transparency of China in sharing information and the genome sequence of the virus, and the strong collaboration between China and affected countries and with WHO.

WHO invited Dr. Fauci to attend a meeting on February 11th, and he was happy to attend.

Then an invite to visit China followed. Fauci’s Associate Director for International Research Affairs, Gray Handley, replied to a redacted recipient at WHO that Lane was unable to accept the WHO’s invitation to come to China: “Due to the importance of this study, Dr. Lane may not be available to participate in the WHO mission to be undertaken in China next week.”

Dr. Fauci reversed that when he heard. Lane was “absolutely” available to attend.

The GPMB wanted $8 billion, and Fauci was supportive:

“These Fauci emails show how praising China was the odd priority of the WHO in the face of a novel and dangerous coronavirus,” said Judicial Watch Tom Fitton. “That the NIH tried to slow-roll the release of these emails and is still sitting on thousands more is a scandal.”

This politicized bureaucracy made nice with the non-transparent Chinese Communist Party clowns who were responsible for the virus. Simultaneously, the media, China, social media, and Democrats bashed the President, blaming him for praising China.

Twitter and FB will censor this article, but, meanwhile, the Chinese propaganda site, China Daily, is allowed to post freely, uncensored. Like this garbage:

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2 years ago

Never trusted the Dr. Fauxi or the scarf lady from the start of this whole shamdemic. His ties to the lab in Wuhan and the chicoms was too comfy for me. This is the guy who has promoted various vaccines over the years, which were only partially effective. How many lives did his BS cost? How did he benefit from the profits of big pharma via said vaccines? He and his buddy, Gates, seemed to have a vested interest in some of the pharma companies via being on the boards, owning stock, etc.
Time to clean out the swamp.

Celestial Signs
Celestial Signs
2 years ago

Of course they praise their paymasters. What would you expect from political creatures.
They are similar to the oldest profession and are expected to perform some duties for a fee.

Doctor Hillbilly Gates awaiting life in jail.

If no corruption, no conflict of interest exists, we would have a great society and Planet Earth would be a better place.
I hope Trump would repeal the Vaccine Injury Act from 1986 and switch liability to the Big Pharma.
Right now scums like Fauci use the taxpayers money to create disease, then taxpayers money go to overcome the economic devastation caused by these diseases, then taxpayers money to create vaccines, then taxpayers money to compensate for the damage/death caused by these diseases.
Good luck proving the last one especially when dead.
All of the above while cheap efficient treatments are not promoted and even banned, like Hydroxychloroquine combined, cheap antiviral medication, iodine, ionic silver and so on.

2 years ago

Trump is changing employment rules for the Shadow Government which will reduce their power to control the Administration.

2 years ago

Fauci’s admiration for China explains a great deal. It wasn’t only Wuhan that had severe lockdowns. In other areas only a few were allowed at a time out of their apartments, and for a short time. So it’s no surprise that Fauci is fully on board with “house arrest”. Sadly I don’t know how much my daughter can describe the situation in China.