Pentagon Advisor Creating Mind Control Neuro-Weapons


A Pentagon advisor wants to create mind control neuro-weapons. His hope is to abolish your free will and scramble your brains. Don’t doubt me on this.

Dr. William Casebeer “set up a project called Narrative Networks at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). This was an attempt to refine a means of changing people’s beliefs with messages. Media strategies, slogans, symbols and memes as a means of building a network of government-friendly narratives to replace the stories people may otherwise tell – about everything,” reports LifeSite News.

Psycho Giordano

It’s described as the mastery of propaganda. Indeed, it is a dream Joseph Goebbels could have only imagined.

Casebber and his fellow loon Dr. James Giordano have ideas for brain implants, drugs, and neuro-weapons that would make Stalin look like a choir boy.

What happened to ethics in science? Manipulation is evil, and neuro-weapons are brutal manipulation on a massive scale. The ‘professionals’ used to remove parts of the brain (lobotomies). The Joseph Kennedys did that to their daughter. Now, these loons want to consider the brain as the new battle scape.

He wants to play with peoples’ brains to get them to work better or not. Who wants this sociopath to play with our brains?

Giordano is working to make real a prediction from fifty years ago:

Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, ‘I foresee a time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.’ (Zbigniew Brzezinski, ‘Between Two Ages: Americas Role in the Technetronic Era’ 1972)

These people think they can do anything they want. They don’t have morals or limits. This Giordano character’s excuse is everyone is doing it, and it’s the future. He recognizes there will be harm, so they must move pragmatically and with care.


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2 months ago

Well, those of us who didn’t get the Shot and Wear Tin Hats will be the smartest people in America, and it looks like soon! Maybe we will even be the only people in America.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

“This Giordano character’s excuse is everyone is doing it, and it’s the future.”

Sort of an evil “Keep up with the Jones.” If our enemies are evil, we will be more evil.
The excuse is used to created new and frightening weapons and vast stores of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction.

Remember these characters see themselves in the future, they don’t necessarily see a role for you and your offspring. You and I are expendable,

For example: Think of Zelensky ( saying he is willing to sacrifice the lives of your Americans for his purposes. He expects to continue and the expense of our lives.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 months ago

Scrambled ‘brains’ attempting to scramble ALL brains…

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago
Reply to  John Vieira

Well said, John. Putting sick minds in charge of or government has given us a sicko government.