Romanian Prime Minister Has an “Honorary Advisor” That’s a Machine


On Wednesday, Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă began a Government meeting demonstrating an artificial intelligence (AI) project designed by Romanian researchers and teachers. It’s called “Ion” and was intended “to help us to be able to help Romanian citizens, informing the Government in real-time with the proposals, and the problems and  wishes of the Romanians.”


The Washington Post reports that Ion is a political aide, an “honorary advisor” encased in a mirror:

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă claims the bot, which calls itself “Ion,” is capable of interpreting the opinions of the country’s population and conveying them back to him and his government, helping them choose how to make decisions.

“Ion will do, through artificial intelligence, what no human can: listen to all Romanians and represent them before the government of Romania,” Ciuca said.

“Hello. You gave me life. I am Ion. Now, my role is to represent you. Like a mirror,” the machine said when asked by Ciuca to introduce itself at a public meeting broadcast by Romanian television Wednesday.

They want the AI to help ministers develop policies. It synthesizes information from social media.

Ion is in its learning phase. It’s another ChatCPT.

The Romanian leadership think it’s great.

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