Pentagon Reports The Biden Pier Is Not a Failure


Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh said the $320 million pier that lasted 12 days was not a failure. That’s great news. Some thought Hamas rockets targeting our soldiers, parts of the pier floating away and sinking, and the beaching of ships moored to it or trying to save it made it a failure.

The Pentagon says about 1,000 metric tons of aid was delivered to Gaza via the U.S.-built pier, and USAID said all of it has been distributed within Gaza.

The UN said it sent 900 tons, and before that, the Pentagon said food had not reached Gaza civilians.

Alipac says the trucks were doing fine. On March 3, 4,187 trucks delivered 160 tons of food. Any food shortages are the result of Hamas’ theft and inefficient distribution.

On May 22, The Independent reported:

A third of aid arriving from the US-constructed humanitarian bridge in Gaza is not getting to civilians, Pentagon officials admit.


Of that amount, Mr. Sullivan said two-thirds is “either has gone or is on its way to going to Palestinian civilians.”

“The issue is not actually getting food to the pier [and] off the pier. It’s being able to ensure that we have necessary security arrangements in place to deliver it.”

He admits to that much. However, we are glad it was not a failure and presumably a success were it not for the weather. Weather and rough seas were a concern from the beginning.

The brigade’s commander, Army Col. Sam Miller, warned that the transit and construction would heavily depend on the weather and any high seas they encounter. U.S. Army vessels hit high seas and rough weather as they crossed the Atlantic, slowing their pace.

There was also the weather problem. The pier was not designed to withstand a heavy sea or waves up to 1.5 meters. On the coast of Israel and Gaza, it is common for the waves to get up to 1 meter or 1.5 meters, and winds sometimes gust to 20 knots.

“A string of security, logistical, and weather problems has battered the plan to deliver desperately needed humanitarian aid to Gaza through a U.S. military-built pier.”

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