People Are Concerned About Glenn Youngkin


Virginia Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin’s former Carlyle Group cohorts own Dominion Voting Systems, the controversial voting machine company that is at the heart of widespread claims the 2020 presidential election was fraudulently stolen, The World Tribune reported.

The Sentinel believes the election was lost in the mail-in ballots but the left made no secret that there was a huge, massive conspiracy against Donald Trump. He never joined the uniparty-deep state administration.

Now The National File reports that Youngkin’s communications staff includes a skirt-wearing LGBT man who lists pronouns in his Twitter biography, and Youngkin’s transition team is led by a former Bush Administration official who is pro-Black Lives Matter.

Marin-Mora lists his preferred pronouns in his Twitter biography, and even dons a skirt in photos posted online. A former Georgetown University student, openly gay Marin-Mora ran for school office in 2020 on a left-wing platform that included a Green New Deal-style partial ban on meat consumption for students. Marin-Mora also attempted to force the school to divest from fossil fuels, according to The National File.

As a Georgetown student, Marin-Mora was a member of the school’s Latinx Leadership Forum, a left-wing, race-based organization that supported open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the violent, Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. Despite his deep and very public involvement with the radical left, Marin-Mora was hired by the Youngkin team quickly after graduating, with a Youngkin spokesman confirming that Marin-Mora had been employed there since June, The National File reported

Matt Wolking said that Marin-Mora worked hard for Glenn Youngkin and shouldn’t be rejected over these issues. Let’s hope the team will do what they said they’d do.

Youngkin is still our best bet, and it sounds like Morin-Mara did a great job with communications. So, we’ll see.

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