People Cancel Pfizer Vax Sending Them Back to Normal Revenue


Pfizer reported a huge third-quarter loss during Tuesday’s earnings, but that’s a huge loss from the elevated gains of forced vaccination and their COVID-19 treatment Paxlovid. It’s going back to normal until the next pandemic.

The demand for its COVID-19 vaccines and one antiviral medication to treat the virus decreased substantially, according to CNBC.

The pharmaceutical giant announced it recorded a write-off of $5.6 billion due to the drug Paxlovid and its vaccine, Comirnaty. Paxlovid lost $4.7 billion, while the mRNA vaccine lost $900 million. The company reported a quarterly revenue of $13.2 billion, down 42 percent from 2022’s second quarter. They made too many doses and companies are returning them.

According to CNBC, Pfizer’s COVID shots generated $1.31 billion in revenue from July to September. That is a 70% decrease when compared with the same period from the previous year.

Sales of Paxlovid, meanwhile, were down 97 percent year-over-year. Numerous reports are suggesting that Paxlovid does not work.

Moderna stock fell 12% pre-market after posting a steep loss for the third quarter as demand for the M RNA injections dwindled. They’re experiencing the same problem as Pfizer, but don’t forget this drop is from the enormous increase they got with the vaccine.


Historically, revenues only increased because of the forced vaccination and banning of treatments other than companies they hand-picked, such as Pfizer and Moderna. They canceled J&J as fast as possible- could it be because it wasn’t mRNA, the new transmission method that the government chose to be the winner?


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