People here illegally with COV got on buses, traveled to other states


108  illegal aliens at a Texas bus station tested positive for COVID-19 since January and were released into the United States.

Any Dems have a problem with that or is it just right-wing events that are a problem?

Felipe Romero, a spokesman for the border city of Brownsville, told Fox News that they are telling the migrants who tested positive to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to quarantine and remain socially distant, but that Brownsville doesn’t have the authority to stop them from traveling to the rest of the country.

Some of the migrants described to Noticias Telemundo Investiga ​how they were tested at the border and then allowed to hit the streets despite a positive result for the coronavirus. ​​

Miriam Izaguirre, a migrant from Honduras, said she crossed the Rio Grande on Monday with her young son and surrendered to authorities but was released within a few hours by the Border Patrol.

“Right now we were tested for COVID and they separated us … because we were positive,” Izaguirre told the news site. “We are waiting right now.”

​They expect to board a bus to Houston. ​​

Other migrants, who tested positive, said they plan to travel to North Carolina, Maryland, and New Jersey.

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2 years ago

You mean the Covid test that miraculously made the regular flu almost disappear? As in the FLU will test as Cov 19. The same test that tested a gal I know personally as positive, and her husband also had Covud ‐ same symptoms ‐ but he tested negative?

2 years ago

But US Citizens cannot fly back to the US if they test positive while abroad per the new travel requirements. US Citizens must show a negative test BEFORE being allowed to board their flight, and test must have been administered within 72 hours of flight.
All clear for illegals though! Greenlight for them.