People on Social Media Are “Delusional” About Russia Losing in Ukraine


On The Duran yesterday, Gonzalo Lira addressed the conditions in Ukraine. He is in the center of Kyiv and the Russians are slowly encircling Kyiv. Once every hour or two, there’s a rumble. You can’t hear fighting. The tactic is this: Russians are coming up against offenders, exchanging fire, and then retreating.

They plan to occupy Ukraine, not kill everyone off.

According to Lira, the Russians appear to be surrounding major cities and are waiting out the opposition. Kharkiv, for example, will be in Russian hands in days and there are no replacements coming. Kharkiv is surrounded.

He knows the Russians have taken one city and are heading for another within three days. The same tactic will be used.

Lira said it’s weird to watch social media claiming the Russians are losing when it’s clear that they are winning.


“The people on social media are delusional” and are “spewing out nonsense”, he said.  They think Ukraine is winning.

Russians have highly trained soldiers and superior equipment and the Ukrainians have neither. Russians are beating the Ukrainians as they incrementally move forward.

Russians also sent the greener, non-Russian soldiers and older tanks in the first wave. They were specifically, seemingly, deployed as cannon fodder. The better-experienced Russian soldiers are held back as the weaker soldiers move the ground forces forward.

Social media is also bizarrely saying Russians do not have control of the air. That’s not what is happening. Lira explains why he doesn’t believe it at 1:00 on the clip below.

Russians are likely holding back because they are disciplined and will not abuse the people under occupation. They will also be fresh in case NATO does something very rash and foolish.

Russians are ignoring Western Ukraine, which is near Poland, except for control of the skies. The East is rapidly being taken over.

Russians are taking over very consistently. They are winning.

As for SWIFT, the EU doesn’t realize it won’t hurt Russia, it will hurt them. Russia just won’t pay their debts or cut off their oil, gas, and grain. He doesn’t think the “Europeans have thought through their self-inflicted hysteria.”

The US is going along with the hysteria without analyzing the fact that the populace has not been severely injured. The forced conscription of civilians is causing extreme panic. They’re picking up children, hardened criminals, and inexperienced older people for the fight. It’s nuts.


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