Russia Invasions Are a War Crime-When the US Invades or Allows It, What?


It’s nice to feel superior but are we superior? Putin is justifying the invasion based on his view of Russia’s history and what he sees as a threat. Maybe he is being truthful and maybe he isn’t.

We invaded countries looking for weapons of mass destruction and enemies as we even created more. Is that so different? We occupied Afghanistan for twenty years. We did it for good reasons but much of the world doesn’t think so.

More importantly and the real point: we have an administration that is allowing a full-on invasion of the United States while lying about it to Americans. Anonymous people are pouring in from everywhere in the world. We know enemies and criminals have taken advantage of the opportunity – we know that as fact.

No one is dealing with the Biden administration and demanding to know who is destroying this country.

As Biden destroys our energy sector, the enemies of the US gloat and see it as an opportunity. So, how do John Kerry and Jen Psaki respond? They respond by digging in and promising more, using an extreme and fictionalized version of climate change.

They will do more of the same and cancel fossil fuels with nothing to replace them. And they are doing so because they are enveloped in an evil ideology and can’t move beyond it.

So, take the nonsense and shove it Fox News.

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