Why Taking Russia Off SWIFT or Relying on the Ruble Is a Fool’s Game?


Americans need another perspective of what is going to happen with Russia, Ukraine, and Asia now that the sanctions are leveled. It’s not what you will hear in the media or out of the White House. This is the other analysis, the one no longer presented by US media.

The Duran begins the clip below by discussing the sanctions. The Ruble will cause inflation but for the most part, Russians aren’t traveling internationally and only care about its value in Russia, Duran says.

Rubles are a minor currency when it comes to investment portfolios. Most people who own Rubles are Russians. Russians can handle any bank runs.

As for SWIFT,  he says the West didn’t sanction oil and gas and that tells Russia they won’t, and they can’t because of the hardship it will cause. The export revenue will continue for Russia and as the Ruble falls, the price of oil will rise. Nothing lost!

The country is self-sufficient in food and energy. They won’t suffer in essential staples.

Alexander Duran believes it shows the world what it’s willing to do to control governments. SWIFT will only be seen as the EU system. He says it will greatly accelerate the end of using the EU system. Duran said this is their globalist ideology at work.


They’ve thrown everything at Russia and they can’t cut off its oil and gas exports and minerals, and so on, because it will be much too destructive.

He doesn’t see it working and there is nothing left for them to do.

The effect is going to affect the West, specifically the EU at first, and trade more than Russia. It will result in higher prices. A lot of people will be pushed into hardship.

Russia will see this as an attack. The Central banks and Russian corporates have pushed for less reliance on currency and have been piling up gold. It also gives Russia an excuse to not pay back loans.

He thinks China will buy the Ruble. India might sign up with this side as well.

He doesn’t believe there will be a regime change as the West hopes [absurdly hopes]. More than 70% of Russians support Putin.


Parallel systems to SWIFT will now progress. Banks have told them not to take Russia off SWIFT because they will lose track of how money flows around the world. SWIFT will become only a Western system as other systems rival it.

There is nothing left for the West to do and we don’t know what Russia will do or what China might do for that matter. Russia knew the sanctions that would be leveled.

They have already put flight bans on countries that banned them. Fundamentally, incrementally, they will cancel contracts for gas and reduce oil exports. They will also likely put restrictions on imports from the West.

First, sanctions will affect Europe, then, eventually, the US financial system will contract and restrict money flows. The US will no longer be able to print money or borrow as they have. They have been able to do these things because people around the world use dollars. Short-term, inflation will rise even more. It’s already in double figures.

Germany will get hit hard and all of the EU will. It will be “hideous” for Germany.

Alexander predicted a new greater power will rise up. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, others will become part of the Asian sphere.


The sanctions didn’t work with Iran, a much weaker economy. It united the people who blamed the West.

Alexander said this was likely strategized with China for a long time and they are on the ready with talking points.

The EU has become too ideological. They can’t rethink their strategies because of their rigid ideology.




George W. Bush’s former Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice thinks Russian President Putin has gone mad. That’s her opinion, and she would know better than us.

However, from an outsider’s perspective, he’s just the same dangerous dictator he always was. The difference now seems to be the way he was handled. Putin saw the US administration enfeeble the energy sector and beg Russia for oil and he saw how Afghanistan was handled. That signaled to him that this was a good time to get not only what he wanted in Minsk, but perhaps the whole Magilla.

It’s also clear that he has us in a terrible position as much or more than we have him in a bad spot. The ideology now governing the West makes us incredibly weak.

We could well be wrong. It’s never simple in these situations.

As for Putin going mad, he hasn’t. His approach is deranged but he’s smart, in control, and is going for what he has wanted while the opportunity presents itself. He’s had it with the West.


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1 year ago

The Duran goes into some more detail on the economic front. One interesting point on using SWIFT with Russia. It could create fear in other countries that the same can be done to them, so they may take their Central Banks out of the system, further eroding the, “all important”, confidence in the System. So, has the West created a New Economic War. On another point, One analyst has said this is creating an ‘artificial’ Lehman moment.

Remember Benghazi
Remember Benghazi
1 year ago

Rice, Rice, baby?
Chris Stevens.
Maybe someone can make a crappy laptop video and save the Kraine?

Wolfenstein One Says SPEER
Wolfenstein One Says SPEER
1 year ago

Anything rice cakes says is rotten fruits and vegetables tossing time as one of the Benghazi LIARS.
Remember BRICS? They are still a thing.
Did you see how CCP took the info that Biden presented them with right to Russia?
Do you think Russia adjusted plans with that?

1 year ago

I was living in Thailand during the 1997 Baht Crash. It didn’t affect the average Thai much at all, but it crushed many investors in Thailand when they saw investments at 25 Baht to the Dollar go to 59 Baht to the Dollar. Many investors were in trouble when the Baht reached 40 to the dollar, and couldn’t make loan payments in USD. For all practical purposes at the time the Thai Economy was self sufficient and even saw an expansion in tourism.

The Russian Economy is for practical purposes self-sufficient. Crashing the Ruble means nothing to the Russian People so life goes on in Russia. If Europe and America stop paying Russia for oil, Russia turns the oil off. The German economy collapses within weeks creating a domino effect that will take all of Europe down in a few months. That will effect America throwing us into Depression. But a New Depression will be far worse than in the 1930s since we have farmed out our manufacturing overseas. Without parts, the lights will go out and supply problems will increase. Crops will start to fail without fertilizers made from oil.

This is a War America needs to stay out of at all cost. We need to gear up our energy resources and invest in Manufacturing for our survival. Europe has been dying a slow death over the last 100 years. Europe has been a drain on American resources. Europe needs to stand on their own two feet or be conquered. No one will be surprised if Traitor Joe abandons NATO. If America gets involved, this will likely explode into a true World War and possibly go Nuclear. We can’t allow that. Only a Mad Man would do that. This is why we should have never allowed a Senile Old Coot who was compromised by foreign powers into the White House. Traitor Joe may be so compromised and senile that he will be a Puppet Mad Man.

The only person who has gone mad has been Traitor Joe. Putin has had his eyes on Ukraine, the European Bread Basket, for a long time. When Traitor Joe destroyed the US Oil Industry and drove up prices that gave Putin the money he needed to go to war. President Trump understood economics and knew America needed low oil and energy cost to keep Russia poor and to attract manufacturing back to the US. America’s biggest problem is short sighted Liberals who always want something for nothing; especially the Rich Liberals. Most Rich living in America want their wealth from Chinese Slave Labor instead of the more normal profits they would get from employing Americans. That is Un-American and our import tariffs should make that kind of thinking unprofitable.

1 year ago

The issue with Rice is, she was part of the “Russia Desk”. I lost all respect for her with her statements regarding Israel.

Things could escalate to be a disaster for Europe. Turkey has decided to close the Bosphorus straits which is a stranglehold on Russia. In return Russia could easily cut off Europe of its necessities. There’s just no end to the madness. It seems like each and every step NATO is pushing for direct conflict with Russia. As one on Crosstalk just said; It’s been said by NATO and the West that Russia “only understands force”. Well, NATO is facing the same by Russia. In the end will the US return to the status of pre-WWII.