People Should Hold Their Fire on Saudi Arabia & Khashoggi


Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday on Fox News that he wants to see Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman forced out of his position after the mysterious disappearance of Islamic activist Jamal Khashoggi.

“This guy has got to go,” Graham, R-S.C., said on “Fox and Friends.” “Saudi Arabia, if you’re listening: There are a lot of good people you can choose, but MBS has tainted your country and tainted himself.”

He could be right or not, but it is premature to call for him to be toppled, especially since he’s trying to modernize the country. Who do we get in his place?

The fact is Mr. Khashoggi is not an American citizen. He is a Saudi citizen and he is no friend of freedom.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Saudi Arabia and met with the King and the Crown Prince. He is now on his way to Turkey. Let’s see how it goes. Our relationship with Saudi Arabia is very complicated, involving alliances with Jordan and Egypt in protecting Israel. The Saudis are also fighting Iran.

Sen. Graham should hold his fire. We haven’t seen the evidence yet and the Turks are out to get the Saudis. It’s also important to note that the Turks are imprisoning their own journalists. In fact, many are missing.

The media is on a mission to pin this crime on President Trump in some way. For some reason they support Jamal Khashoggi and his mission although his goal was to establish Islam throughout the world.

The Crown Prince, whatever his faults, is establishing a more liberal Saudi Arabia, one that allows women to drive and vote. He is moving away from Khashoggi’s very oppressive Wahhabism.

The Turkish police say they have audio and video of the murder from his Apple Watch but there is little doubt they have that embassy bugged. Perhaps that is how they got the information – if they have the information.


The New York Times had to remove from a new article information from a previous article repeating Turkey’s claim that 15 Saudis were sent into Turkey as assassins. That never did sound right. Why would the Saudis send 15 people to kill a 59-year old obese man? One of the alleged assassins was a tourist in 2017.

If there was a 15-man team, wouldn’t it be to grill Khashoggi?


Why would the Saudis lure Khashoggi to an embassy in Turkey? And then kill him there?

Jake Tapper is reporting that two sources say the Saudis are preparing a report saying Khashoggi died during an interrogation and an abduction that went wrong.

Turkey claims they found evidence in the Saudi embassy proving he was murdered. They also say they have video and audio evidence of torture and death. No one has seen it yet. The Turks suddenly care about the well-being of journalists and promise to punish the culprits.

The Saudi counsel has allegedly fled the country.

The truth is we don’t know who is telling the truth. There is a lot of intrigue and hidden agendas. We need to wait for the facts. Pompeo is very rational. Let’s see what he thinks.


  1. I thought from the get-go something didn’t smell right. Saudi Arabia isn’t the USA and their ways of handling things are far different. Kashoggi was openly and directly threatening the reform objectives of the Prince in order to establish a Caliphate and spread Islam to the USA and the rest of the world. IMHO its a good thing that someone took out the ISIS loving SOB. How many ISIS and Taliban do we take out on just one AH-64 raid? … I’m with he Prince on this one. He should be thanked, not criticized. Graham is WRONG !!

  2. I had gained respect for Graham after refusing to go with character assassination of Kavanaugh. He “wanted” facts and evidence. NOW, he does Exactly what the Democrats did and without any Damn facts, or Any Damn evidence he resorts to the Exact same tactics the Democrats pulled.

    Part of the story says Khashoggi was there about divorce papers with his “fiance”. Isn’t that rather odd when Islam allows multiple wives and divorce would be unnecessary. Why should we believe the Turks.

    AlJazeera reported Khashoggi left after about 20 minutes and videos showing he left.

    • Thanks for that. I will have to go on gab now I suppose. I didn’t want to add any social media. I will check out the AlJazeera reporting, but you know, there still are people claiming to see Elvis.

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