Phil Bredesen’s Spokesperson Says White Men with Guns Are Terrorists


Taylor Swift has been in the echo chamber too long. She is advocating for Phil Bredesen for the Senate, claiming he is a moderate. But Bredesen has surrounded himself with far-left advisers. He is no moderate and a vote for him is a vote for Chuck Schumer.

This candidate for Senate won’t represent white men if they have guns. He can’t, he has bought in with the far-left.

Bredesen, the former governor of Tennessee, is the Democratic candidate for the Senate. He is trying to sound like a Republican and recently said he would have voted for Justice Kavanaugh. That angered some leftists but it was a wise political move.

Unfortunately for him, James O’Keefe, investigative journalist, planted his people in his office and they caught his staff on tape saying Bredesen was lying to the public.


His campaign people are the people who will shape his role as senator and they are very far-left. The top Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman for Bredesen says things like Trump is a “f***stik” and “Putin’s puppet.”

Spokesman Mark Brown has also referred to America as a “racist” nation and said that “under Trump, evangelicals show their true racist colors.”

Brown has stated his belief that reaching across the aisle to Trump voters isn’t worth it. “Fuck reaching out to Trump voters,” he argued.”The idiots aren’t listening.”

Just this past week he said “white male ‘Murican gun nuts” are the “biggest terrorist organization on earth”

Bredesen has tried to sell himself as an NRA, gun-toting American, but he just pledged allegiance to gun-grabber Michael Bloomberg.

Senatorial hopeful Bredesen is trying to sell himself as a moderate but no moderate continues to enjoy the support of Mr. Brown or pays homage to Michael Bloomberg. Even if he’s serious about supporting the Second Amendment, his supporters won’t let him keep that promise and, what’s more, he knows it.

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