Peoples’ Republic of California bans singing in houses of worship but you can protest with the mob


Governor Newsom banned everything for July 4th, including singing in houses of worship. Why can’t people sing if they’re social distancing and wearing a mask? Ironic that he is banning singing, chanting, reciting prayers, but the rioters can run around uninhibited. It’s also ironic that everyone celebrates their independence being locked down by the government.

“Practices and performances present an increased likelihood for transmission of Covid-19 through contaminated exhaled droplets and should occur through alternative methods like internet streaming,” the state’s Department of Public Health announced in an order Wednesday.

Singing at services has proven to be one way to spread a virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, his winery is open for business and exempt from his rules, and protesters are allowed to scream and rant.

This is okay:

This is not okay:

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