Performance art! Cuomo begs President for one million healthcare workers


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says he needs up to 1 million more healthcare workers. “Please come help us,” he urged the President as if he isn’t getting most of the help. No one at the AP bothered to ask the imperial governor how he came up with that number. Cuomo presented no evidence as to why he would need one million workers.

The not-so-subtle suggestion appears to be that Cuomo is on the case and he’s begging the unhelpful President for help. The dummies will fall for it.

In case you haven’t noticed, pretending the President is responsible for everything and is doing nothing, are the latest false allegations.

Cuomo has one of two hospital ships with a thousand rooms and 800 medical personnel. The federal government is building hospitals in Central Park, in unused buildings and is turning hotels into hospitals. He’s getting vents and masks while hiding 4,000 unused vents in a warehouse as he complained he didn’t have vents.

VP Pence sent 4,000 vents in two days.

There have been 914 deaths in New York City with 38,000 confirmed cases.

No one ever seems to hit the cured list. Yet, people are cured. Whoever keeps these lists, needs to work on that.

Cuomo claims during his frequent updates that the numbers are doubling every three days. We are perplexed as to how he gets to this conclusion.

In New York City, Cuomo and health officials warned Monday that the crisis unfolding there is just a preview of what other U.S. communities could soon face. He has no idea that is the case.

New York State’s death toll climbed by more than 250 people in a day Monday to more than 1,200, the most of them in the city. The charts still say 914.

“We’ve lost over one thousand New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “To me, we’re beyond staggering already.”

By January 2010, CDC officials estimated the H1N1 virus had sickened 50 million Americans and killed about 10,000 since it was first identified in April, 2009. The potential for death is much greater with Cov-1 — 100 times more. It’s roughly .02 as opposed to 2%.

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