Perilous War- Ukraine Will Only Accept Russia’s Surrender


According to Tass, Russia is looking to sanction the “US and foreign states” more heavily for depriving Russia of its property rights or restricting their property. Russia is looking to possibly control exports to “unfriendly countries”. Russia is eventually going to stop selling to the West.

Russia’s money was frozen in the Central Bank and it’s money Europe paid for Russian oil and gas. So, Russia sent the oil and gas but they don’t have their money. They are really not going to trust the West again.

The US is sending weapons to Ukraine with no idea of what becomes of them. Reports indicate that the weapons are falling into Russian hands.


In Ukraine, the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that with Russia, we can only sign [their] capitulation; the sooner they do it, the more it will benefit their country.

Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov

So, now Ukraine will only accept Russia’s surrender? There is no way Russia will agree to that. How could they? It’s totally unreasonable. It sounds like Liz Cheney wrote his speech.

What happened to diplomacy?

CNN reports that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told LBC Radio last week that Russia will declare war on Ukraine on May 9th, Victory Day to recognize the defeat of the Nazis.

Who knows if he has a handle on anything. The British have been calling for boots on the ground, and war talk is heating up.

As Michael Tracey wrote on Twitter: “It’s a conflict that has no moral ambiguities, or gray areas… It’s about right versus wrong, good versus evil” — Boris Johnson today offering his Comic Book vision of the war in Ukraine, although to be fair some Comic Books allow for much greater intellectual complexity


CNN also reports that an anonymous US official claims the Russian efforts have been “anemic”.  He – this anonymous person – allegedly said:

“They’ll move in and then declare victory, and then withdraw their troops, only to let the Ukrainians take it back,” the official told reporters at a Pentagon briefing.

The official said problems that have plagued the Russian military since their initial surge have not been fixed.

“They’re still suffering from poor command-and-control, low morale in many units, less-than-ideal logistics,” the official said.

How do we believe anything the media tells us? Does this anonymous official really think Russia will declare victory, withdraw, and then let Ukrainians take it all back? And CNN thinks this newsworthy?

It’s utter nonsense.

We are in the hands of fools and should not be moving towards war with these people in charge.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

The USA caused this situation. Ukraine policy is USA policy. Nothing has changed there. Americans are again trapped in an abuse caused by our government. This could last years and cost trillions.

One thing that changed is conservatives/patriots no longer support USA policies or corrupt military adventures. We see our government as the top danger.

1 year ago

If the Ukraine will only accept Russia’s Surrender, than Europe had better learn to live in the cold and the dark. If Russia cuts off European Oil, Europe will be slammed into Depression. America won’t be far behind because then the Chinese will be in the position to retaliate economically against the US and the Dollar will no longer be the World’s Reserve Currency.

1 year ago

The appointed ‘village idiot’ is carrying out the dictates of his handlers…and with the overwhelming assistance of their corrupted and controlled MSM/social media it appears as if they will attain their goal and scuttle the ‘mid terms’…

1 year ago

The Obiden Junta is determined dto turn a regional conflict into an existential struggle between woke democracy and Russia. They are intent on creating a wide conflict as they did in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan into which the American taxpayer will pour trillions of our wealth and the blood of tens of thousands of new victims. Having a traditionalist, conservative, overwhelmingly Christian Orthodox Russia as the designated enemy on the other side of a new iron curtain would bring enormous benefits to the Obiden Junta’s and their Davoisian rulers. Anyone who dares question the wisdom of transgenderism, open immigration, extreme environmentalism, or upholding the values and legacy of his own nation or faith, would automatically be accused of being Putin’s stooge. Conservatives of all color and hue, from Viktor Orbán down to this commentator , would be canceled even more radically than now, and probably subjected to harsh criminal prosecution.