Blame Nashville’s Republicans, not the Democrats


by Dr. Steve

Here we go again. If you listen to our local news, read The Tennessean, or check out all the TV advertising , you’d think that we were living in NY, NJ or California.  Everyone running for Judgeships or DA’s have something in common. They all are candidates who think we have a two-tiered justice system, one for minorities and one for the rest of us.  In case you haven’t guessed , every  candidate implies that Republicans are to blame. Only Democrats are fair and impartial. Really?

After all, we live in the reddest of red states: a Repub. Governor, 2 (R) Senators. 10 out of 12 Congressmen are Republicans and we have  a very conservative Republican-controlled State Legislature. Are Nashville’s Republican judiciary candidates just not available to present the absurdity of these accusations. Repeat a lie long enough and it becomes a fact.

Here are a few questions I have for any candidate who want our votes on election day. Saying that “ They’re for equal justice for all”. and that the present system favors one side, implies that “Republican’s  aren’t compassionate”. or sympathetic to every sector of society.

Questions needed to be answered by every candidate:

1- Do they believe in no cash bail  for anyone arrested for a felony?  What is the recidivism  rate for those felons they let out?

2- Do they believe that ones 1st Amendment’s religious beliefs can prevent them from supporting or funding abortions or gay marriage.

3- Do any of them believe that they can limit our 2nd Amendment rights?  If elected, would they accept armed security for themselves and their immediate family?

4- Would they apply the law equally , even if the they personally do not agree with that specific law? What would they do, when they must decide the fate and sentence of felons who are convicted of a crime they personally don’t agree with. Like possession of pot.

5- Does freedom of speech include statements they  hate, from people they personally detest?

6- Since they may be called on to rule on educational matters, where did they , their children and their grandchildren go to school? Public  or private?

7- Are they in favor of “minimum sentencing” for anyone convicted of a felony?

The list is endless.  Even though I am a proud member of Nashville’s  Republican Party, I still blame not the Democrats, but Davidson County’s Republicans themselves for this situation. They seem intent on abrogating their responsibility of offering Nashville’s voters a legitimate choice.

Please Republicans,, provide great conservative candidates for DA’s and Judges. Give them the funding to finance their campaign. You might be surprised by the results if the voters have a real choice.

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