Perjury? Even Dem Chair Might Refer Michael Cohen to the DOJ


Michael Cohen, who testified before the House Oversight Committee at Democrats’ request, is facing a referral for perjury from the Democratic Chair Elijah Cummings. Cohen is already convicted of several crimes, including perjury.

When pushed to give a response, Rep. Katie Hill, (D-CA), a leading member of the panel, told “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace that chairman, Rep. Elijah Cummings, (D-MD), may “end up referring” Trump’s former lawyer for investigation based on potential lies in his public testimony. One of those possible lies is Cohen saying he didn’t ask for a pardon when he did.

Hill said of Cohen’s potential perjury that her “guess” was that Cummings would take action.

“I would imagine that in the panic that was going on when you’re about to go down, right, that you’re going to say like ‘yeah, figure out whatever you can do,’” she said. “And I imagine that Chairman Cummings will end up referring him. That’s just my guess.”

“When Chairman Cummings says something like I’m going to nail you to the cross, he means it,” she added, referring to Cummings’ warning to the attorney at the outset of the hearing earlier this month.

Cohen told lawmakers that he “never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from” President Trump.

There is evidence that is not true.



She also made admissions about anti-semitism in the Democrat Party.

It appears Democrats want to accept the anti-semitism and move on. “…you can’t control peoples’ speech. Each person has their own priorities and their own opinions and we have elected a lot of strong-willed and very opinionated people so I think what we have to figure out is how to say ‘okay this isn’t the views of everybody’. These are not the priorities of the entire caucus but how do we maintain focus on our agenda as a whole and you know it demonstrates that this is not indicative of what our agenda is completely — all right?”

This is the first time, a Democrat has said they will accept anti-semitism in their party, and that it’s not a priority of the entire caucus.

That’s dangerous. Would they accept racism too? Actually, they do — against whites.

Dems will have to educate her on not being honest.



  • Imagine if Democrats were investigated and prosecuted for the SAME things Republicans are? There’d be nobody left at liberty in the Democrat party!

  • Democrats bet the store on Cohen, now they’ll refer him for perjury charges. And democrats will still swear by him. Lunacy…. pure lunacy.