Perv Geraldo says Rep’s getting ‘sexual pleasure’ out of telling Southwest Air to ‘Eat It’


Hackiest hack Geraldo Rivera is truly the hack of all hacks who merits hack of the year award. He’s also a lawyer who doesn’t know the law.

On The Five, Jesse Watters discussed Southwest Air pilots publicly opposing vaccine mandates. That led to Rivera remarking, “I absolutely disagree with Jesse’s tone.”

“I believe that mandates exist for a reason,” he said.

He said the federal government has the constitutional right to impose the mandates.

Uh, no.

The 1905 case in Massachusetts was a US Supreme Court case that upheld the authority of the states to enforce compulsory vaccination laws. That’s the STATES!

Geraldo accused pilots opposing the mandates of “screwing the public.”

He called out Rep. Roy’s “eat it” tweet.

Then he accused “lunatic” Rep. Chip Roy of getting “sexual pleasure” out of telling Southwest Air to eat it as their pilots and air traffic controllers call in sick or take leave all at once.

Okay, then.

Hey, Geraldo, there’s a pasture waiting.


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2 years ago

Geraldo Rivera has been a nobody since Al Capone’s Safe.

Spirits Soaring
Spirits Soaring
2 years ago

I found a wheat penny in Al Capone’s vault but it isn’t going in Geraldull’s tip jar but it’s not my fault, I’m trying to save up a roll!
Wayne Gale from Natural Born Killers is supposed to be Jerry Rivera? (rhetorical)

O/T-Faux (FOX) Rehired the comrade who called AZ for emperor Let’s Go Brandon!
I almost feel bad for people who like yellow rain on their leg while watching Faux.