Pete Buttigieg for VP? Where Dems Stand pre-Super Tuesday


Former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg might be looking to become Joe Biden’s running mate. He allegedly called the wrong number when he was trying to get Joe Biden and you can listen to what he said on the clip below. The original post was deleted but ALX, a prominent Twitter user, reposted the Instagram post.

We can’t verify it but it’s interesting. Maybe he wants to be Biden’s VP or he’s just being polite. Biden has already mentioned Stacey Abrams and Kamila Harris for the VP slot. Maybe he’s looking to endorse Biden.


Pete’s claiming the moderate mantel, moderate about what we can’t say, which means he is helping another so-called moderate Joe Biden, by suspending his campaign. He might want something for it. VP is a nice gig.

One must recognize this young gay mayor for going as far as he did. He is to be commended for that, but not for his far-left views, which includes making all drugs legal and helping addicts shoot up. It would be preferable to see a conservative gay individual go to the top.

Buttigieg won the Iowa caucus and that usually means he was meant to go beyond Super Tuesday. He didn’t get any momentum off his Iowa win, partly because Democrats in Iowa can’t count votes. Democrats will push him ahead in the future and he has decades to imprint his brand of leftism on the country.

Warren is on her way out, she just hasn’t accepted it yet, and Amy Klobuchar never had a path to win. That leaves all old, rich, white men fighting for the title in the party of diversity.

Even better, Trump is the youngster of the remaining candidates.

Biden, despite his failing mental health, is the big winner out of South Carolina. It marked his first primary win in three decades of trying to become President. Compared to the communist, he’s looking good.

Bloomberg, more coherent than Biden, is taking votes from Biden. The party will likely try to get Bloomberg to drop out.

The Democrats are desperate to stop Bernie so they can shed the communist label, but there might not be time. New polls will be out today and they should prove interesting. We’ll see who got bumped up.

Democrats are already claiming Biden isn’t radical although he has made it clear that he is. But, they have to drive Bernie out of town.

Rasmussen Reports has the President’s job approval down to 46% and only 45% think we are heading in the right direction. That is alarming. The Democrat Party is the largest party and they are running people to the extreme far left.

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