Winds are blowing, there goes Lindsey


Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has still done nothing to get to the bottom of the FISA abuse scandal, despite his many promises.

While promising to doggedly get to the truth, he has flattered the former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, of ‘I’ll wear a wire and get Trump out on the 25th’ fame.

The South Carolina senator promised as the new Judiciary Chair to “give a deep dive” on the FISA problem. He thought Rod might be part of his deep dive.

He’s still on the diving board looking down.

Since Rod signed the renewal app, he should be called in, but with Graham in charge, that’s probably not going to happen ever.

He still doesn’t sound like a man who will do a probe of anything, including Joe and Hunter Biden. Am I jumping to conclusions, or is he all talk and absolutely no bite, not even a nibbler?

The wind is blowing and there goes Lindsey. He saw all the Black people voting for Joe in South Carolina and figures he better go the chameleon route again. His election is coming up.

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