Pfizer Has a COV Pill with a Microchip In It


WTH! Now Pfizer has a Cov pill with a microchip in it. This is way past vaccine passports.

What kind of crazy Orwellian world are we living in? Do you still think it is about our health or The Great Reset?

The microchip pill is not a conspiracy theory but it does appear to be a conspiracy from the Left.

Don’t believe me, believe Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla gleefully tell you about it and how it’s aimed at making you behave:



  1. From the Gateway Pundit………….Microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden and now Swedes are getting Covid vaccine passports implanted in their hands or elsewhere under their skin.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They have a ton of money to make Chimeras and clipper chips and matrix control grids with Chinese social credit score.
    There are some people left who think this is all about health as I see an increase in the maskeraders.
    The hot meme showed the biowarfare unit taking off their gear with the caption, and all this time we could have just used a paper mask.
    BTW-There will be a mask island in the ocean if there isn’t already.
    Attention enviro moonbats, this is not a drill.

  3. You knew this was coming. It was predicted. You were warned. The government kept denying it. But here it is. Now do you believe what everyone kept telling you? Big Brother is watching and listening, and now will be monitoring you.

  4. You put microchips in livestock and pets. Now you know where you stand with the Globalist and their One World Government.

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