Pfizer started manufacturing the vaccine in JUNE OF LAST YEAR


A Pfizer spokesperson was on WINS NY radio, a CBS affiliate, this morning and said that Pfizer started manufacturing the vaccine in June of last year.

We keep hearing Donald Trump didn’t order enough doses, but he did order them promptly.

The spokesperson said the problem was in the process, but they have now streamlined it and should be able to get the doses out much faster.

So, stop blaming DJT. The media continues to leave that information out.

Pfizer is expecting to ramp up production by 50%.

As the vaccine effort continues, more efficiencies are expected.

“There are going to be profound shifts in the way we do business,” Calitri said of what he’s experienced since his boss first called him on March 20, 2020, and said the Kalamazoo plant would play a key role in the rapid production of the vaccine.

“We just demonstrated to ourselves that we can go from a phone call in March to having now delivered 50 to 60 million doses.”

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