Philly Adds a New $3 Sugar Tax to $6 Bottles of Soda


Bad news for low-income people who can no longer afford these delicious sodas.

The Left Hates Sugary Sodas and Sugar in General

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the leftist government tells you cannot drink sugary sodas. They do it by adding an outrageous $3 sugar tax to a $6 bottles of soda as one example.

The local newspaper wants you to believe the government is doing you a favor.

New Philly “sugar tax” adds $3 to $6 drinks.

Will blue collar voters like the Dems they elected after their next soda? If Democrats keep this up, they can expect to never win back the middle class.

They’re selling this 1.5 cents per ounce sugar tax on soda as a tax to benefit the schools. It’s doubtful it will ever make it to the schools or won’t for long.

A Philadelphia judge has dismissed the beverage industry’s lawsuit against the city of Philadelphia over the so-called soda tax in a 14-page decision issued Friday. But the fight is far from over since an attorney for the plaintiffs says an appeal is coming.

Judge Gary S. Glazer dismissed the complaint “in its entirety. He claimed the tax is not a tax.


The idiots are applauding it. That’s how low they’ve sunk.

What will be next? Leftists hate sugar and want to tax all foods made with sugar.

A 2012 study out of he University of California (where else), School of Medicine, demonized sugar as the cause of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, many cancers. You name it, sugar is at its root. The author who compiled this is Dr. Robert Lustig.

He described sugar as toxic and a poison which is worse than alcohol. He wants it taxed and regulated out of existence, according to the NY Times.

The left wants to control everything you eat and drink.


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bill gullen
bill gullen
7 years ago

logically the tax should include the sale of sugar itself, as in “can i borrow a cup of…?”
perhaps jerome could figure the tax on a 2 lb bag of granulated. my guess is 5 bucks…b

7 years ago

A tax of $3.04 would be for 202 fl oz, that’s about 1.6 gallon. Maybe that is a 12 pack of 16.9 fl of (500ml) Propel water.